Rustic Chic Console Table

After replacing our busty, builder-grade lights, bidding our old-fashioned hall tree adieu, swapping tired carpet and forever-dingy tiles for hardwoods, and giving our front door a few coats of peacock blue, our front hallway has come a long way. (The walls are the same shade in both pictures – hard to believe that time of day and camera can have such a big impact!)

But what was really missing was some functional storage in this highly-trafficed space. Because yes, I was super tired of seeing the hubby’s car keys and wallet parked on our mantle like pieces of decorative art.

When I spied this rustic-X console on Ana White’s website, I knew it was the perfect piece for our front hallway. This beauty was built by Hillary of The Friendly Home – you can get all the details here.

We tweaked Ana’s plans to remove 2″ of depth, so it would be just the right fit for our space. With plans in hand, it was time to start building.

Although we spent several days trying to figure out the appropriate angles and cutting methods for the Xs, we came up empty. I was super frustrated that we couldn’t figure it out, but figured I could live without them. After we had the table assembled, we hauled it inside for a preview.

The baskets that used to live in our bookshelf are a perfect fit… with room for two more! After thinking long and hard about how to finish the table, we dragged it back outside. We whitewashed the bottom of the frame and gave the top a coat of Minwax’s Dark Walnut, followed by a stain and poly-in-one in American Walnut. I absolutely love the contrast between the top and the bottom, and how perfectly the top ties in with our rustic floors. Stand by for beauty shots.

Next up, styling. The mirror is just a temporary visitor – I’d like something that better fills the horizontal space. Plus we’ll need a lamp. I couldn’t resist playing, though!

The decorative cabbage I picked up at the grocery store is my favorite – all that texture, the rich green color, and how they perfectly fill my big square vase ($6.99 for the bunch, not too shabby).



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18 responses to “Rustic Chic Console Table

  1. Bob Dobolima

    Whoever helped build that must be extemely handsome 🙂

  2. Mitra

    Wow! I am so impressed not only by the change in your entrance but by the gorgeous table you built, painted, and decorated so professionally! Well done!

  3. Pretty! I love the size! What were your dimensions?

  4. I want 3 of them for our new home….gonna send link to my dad to see if he can make…..

  5. Karen liu

    Hi Dear,

    I absolutely LOVE your console table. May I ask what materials do I need in order to build my own? Thank you so much!


  6. Tracie

    Where did you get those baskets you have? I built the same console and have been looking for ones that will fit the space perfectly!

    • Hi Tracie, the baskets are from Walmart! Super inexpensive and very sturdy.

      • Kelsey Fitzgerald

        Is there any way could could attach the link for the baskets? I am having my husband build this for our living room but can’t find the baskets. Thank you!

      • Hi Kelsey, unfortunately the baskets aren’t available on the Walmart site anymore. I’ve had great luck finding baskets at Home Goods and World Market for great prices. Hope that helps!

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  8. Alexandra

    Love the table! It looks great and would be the perfect addition to my entry room.
    About how much did the materials cost you? I’d just like to get a better idea of the project details.

  9. Jon Kreft

    Thank you very much for the great instructions. Ours turned out great!!

  10. Shelley

    Hi Tracie! You did such an amazing job. Anyway you could tell me about your wood floor? Is it engineered or sand and finish? Could you tell me the specifics on it please?

    • Hi Tracie, our wood floors are pre-finished, engineered floors from Lumber Liquidators. We bought and installed them before the news that Lumber Liquidators products don’t meet CARB standards for indoor air quality, so I can’t say I would recommend them, unfortunately!

      • Shelley

        Well thanks for the info anyway. I appreciate you getting back to me 🙂

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