Houston, We Have a Floor!

After two weeks of living in a museum-like space, complete with concrete floors, not a stick of furniture, and art on the walls, we were thrilled to have our new floors installed. Let’s peep the before and after, shall we? Bland, beige carpet as far as the could see, with a bit of always-grubby-looking white tile for good measure.

Now: chocolate-y wood floors, with the perfect handscraped texture (what better way to hide the scuffs and dings from everyday life?).

It literally feels like a different house – waaaay bigger, and so much more “us” than plain vanilla wall-to-wall carpet.

The transition from the wood floors to the updated kitchen floors is pretty and graphic – love!

After the floor installation was complete, the team from About Flooring also installed our new, taller baseboards. Although we thought we were outsmarting the system by pre-painting the trim before it was installed – but after filling about a million nail holes, the trim was looking a little worse for the wear, so we spent Sunday giving the trim one last coat of paint.

With floors down, trim in and painted, we had just one major task left to tackle: bringing in the furniture! Sorry for the night-time photos, the day got away from me. And please excuse the furry photo-bomber (bonus points to the first person that can spot the mischievous furball in the second pic).

No more eating on the floor or watching TV on a blanket. Yippee! Although the space isn’t quite done yet (it feels like a sea of brown, thanks to a pointed lack of an area rug and curtains), it’s come a long way in the last month!



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5 responses to “Houston, We Have a Floor!

  1. Wow!!! So beautiful! I love it!! What great work you do! 🙂 Glad to see that Steve is all better, and cone-less!

  2. I know it’s been a while, but I was wondering if you could recall what brand/ type of flooring you ended up with? It’s really pretty and we’re about to rip out the most disgusting carpet on the planet (literally, our dog had explosive ‘rhea and you know there’s no getting that all out) and that chocolatey brown is *exactly* what I’m looking for.

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