I See A White Door…

And I want it painted bluuuuue (name the song I just hijacked for a high five from yours truly). After daydreaming about taking the plunge and painting one of our doors a bold, saturated hue, I finally put my paintbrush to work.

We sampled lots of shades of blue, and although I originally had my heart set on navy, I ended up loving Olympic’s Silent Night. It’s the perfect shade of blue-y grey, and wasn’t too harsh next to the white trim and off-white walls.

As a reminder, here’s what we were working with. White, white and more white. Plus picture quality that makes even my 20/50 eyeballs hurt. Sorry about that.

After priming the door, I tackled a first coat of Silent Night, using a high quality brush and doing my very best not to overwork the paint, which is an Andrea specialty. Hint: keep a wet edge to your paint, and resist the urge to use your brush to smooth over already-finished areas. Here’s where I started wondering if I could really stomach a non-white shade…

And here’s what the door was looking like one coat in. Extra splotchy and alarming.

Luckily, perseverance paid off. After a second coat of paint, the door was looking polished and decidedly more intriguing than its white predecessor.

A few more projects up my sleeve for this hallway, which is looking insanely long (and my rug is looking insanely short). Do you know how hard it is to find a runner that’s longer than 8 feet? Yeah.

While we’re chatting about all things blue, here’s a sneak peek of Livi’s birthday cake from this year. A robot cake for a 10-year old girl? Sure, why not.


I thought he turned out pretty OK (you know, other than having one leg distinctly shorter than the other), but when I shared his mug shot with one of the girls at work, her wrinkled forehead and politely phrased, “Oh! What exactly is that?” was a dead giveaway that he might not look as authentic as I had hoped. The upside? He sure tasted delicious.


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