About The Lottery House

So, who are you, anyway?

My name’s Andrea. My hubby and I live in McKinney,Texas, with my stepdaughter and one crazy hound. All of us are pictured below, minus the crazy hound – the public is definitely not ready for him. If you’re a local, our family photo was captured by Amy James of Amy James Photography. She’s nothing short of amazing.

Since Tony and I tied the knot, we’ve been up to our ears in DIY projects and renovations to take our house from builder grade to happily ours.

Um, why’d you pick such a dumb name for your blog?

It’s simple, really. I have plans to win the jackpot someday (you know, after I actually start playing the lottery). Then DIY projects at our little casa will be history, and I’ll leave the manual labor to someone else – while I’m firmly parked on the back porch with a beer in my hand. Until my lucky day, I figure I’ll keep living with my head in the clouds and a hammer in my hand at our Lottery House.

What do you like to do when you’re not wrecking and rebuilding stuff around the house?

The hubby and I are both runners, with several races under our belts. Training for an event is a great excuse to stay in shape (and not spend every waking moment working on projects). I’m also an avid reader and, like your average Joe, love to spend time with my friends and family.


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