Shake Your Tail Feather

When I saw this peacock in the September-October issue of Lonny, it was love at first sight.

Of course, a few other images fueled the fire as well. This white peacock made its debut in House Beautiful, perched on a dining room sideboard.

Image from Pretty Little Things

Or how about this feathered friend, which (in my opinion) takes this room from bland to chic.

Jeffrey Bilhuber taxidermy  Image via Houzz

Of course, as much as I loved these images, real taxidermied (yes, I made that word up) peacocks aren’t in my budget… or my wheelhouse. To be frank, the idea of a stuffed used-to-be-alive animal gives me the creeps. One budget-friendly (just $11.20!) and less frightening version I found online was this little fella:

At 15 inches, he’s definitely smaller than our taxidermied friends, but I think he’s the perfect size for a home like ours. Because, let’s face it: a 3-foot peacock in our little Lottery House would look insane.

Of course, if fake birds aren’t your scene, there are lots of other ways to bring peacock accents into a room. One of my favorite peacock-inspired rooms is Centsational Girl‘s guest room, starring a peacock blue campaign chest, sweet embroidered bird print, and paisley curtains.

This abstract peacock print from Etsy seller PrissDesigns is bright, punchy, and totally modern. I’d also adore it as wallpaper.

Free is always a word I like… so this peacock print from Vintage Printables is on my favorites list for sure. If you haven’t checked out Vintage Printables, it’s a must. It’s a bit of a bear to navigate, but $0 is a price tag I’m willing to put in a little extra legwork for!

For a more traditional take on the bird-y theme, this Fowl with Pearls print totally floats my boat. I love how the bird looks just on this side of being totally peeved.

World Market’s peacock dishtowels would be super cute in the kitchen, but they’d also make stellar napkins.

And for those (like myself) who are a little timid about introducing a shocking new color palette, these neutral peacock patterns are a safe bet.

Pottery Barn’s Peacock Bhotah curtains would be perfect in just about any room. Plus, they are even on sale right now!

I love the modern, muted shades in this wool rug from Overstock. It would be a-mazing with some lighter wood floors and white furniture.

And, finally, the image that started my obsession with peacock decor. I saved this image literally years ago, and have been dying to paint a peacock somewhere in our house ever since – wouldn’t he be amazing over the mantle?

Do peacocks make you want to shake your tail feathers, too? What’s your stance on taxidermy and decor?



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  1. I love this post! It really speaks to me :).

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