Tommy Smythe Kitchen on a Home Depot Budget

When it comes to HGTV shows, Sarah’s House is a must-watch for me. While Sarah’s uncanny ability to pull a room together flawlessly is clearly my primary reason for tuning in, her second-in-command, Tommy Smythe, is a close runner up. In addition to his amazing design sense, he also happens to be hilarious. Anyone who can proudly stand atop a ginormous septic tank floating across a lake and pronounce, “I’m on the poop deck,” is a rock star in my book (check out Sarah’s Summer House if this moment is unfamiliar to you. You’ll thank me later).

Anyhoo, in my search for some inspiration for our kitchen remodel, I found myself scouring magazines, Pinterest, and what felt like the entire blogosphere for something that felt right. I kept coming up empty, until I stumbled across these images on Decorpad.

Swoon. The two-color cabinets and the herringbone floor rock my world. It was love at first sight, and when I happened to see that the credit for this fabulousness belongs to none other than Tommy Smythe, I figured it was clearly meant to be. Only one small problem, of course: how the heck can I re-create this kitchen on what is clearly more of a Home Depot than a Tommy Smythe kind of budget? In a few words: Thank goodness for the Internet. After lots of Googling, clicking, and zooming, here are some of the more wallet-friendly ways I’m thinking about turning this inspiration into reality – starting with tile, which will be installed in a matter of days (one word: amazing).
The perfect 6″ x 12″ charcoal tile, ready to get busy in a herringbone pattern. At $5 per square foot, it’s not dirt cheap, but will be durable and (sorry, Health Board) way better at hiding dirt than the current white tiles. It’s got the look of slate, without the hefty price tag or high maintenance demands.

When it comes to the cabinets, the game plan is to replace the door fronts and have the cabinets professionally sprayed – giving us a fresh new look, without spending $15K to replace the cabinets. Although I adore the two-tone finish Tommy’s kitchen is rocking, I’m thinking a classic, all-white finish will give us the longevity we’re looking for.
The carrera marble backsplash in Tommy’s kitchen is gorgeous, but our attic has been playing host to several boxes of plain white 3″ x 6″ ceramic subway tiles for a few years now. I scored them for $70 from Habitat for Humanity Restore, making this a super budget-friendly option. I love how this kitchen rocks the white subway tile with a dark grout for contrast!

Traditional Kitchen design by Other Metros Kitchen And Bath Gretchen T. Roach

Let’s bejewel the freshly painted cabinets with some cabinet pulls and knobs, all from Overstock. The cup pulls are $2.80 each, and the knobs are $2.50 each – plus no tax and free shipping!

We’ll also need to update the kitchen lighting. We could rock a lantern-style fixture like the inspiration photo ($139 from Home Depot)…

But I also adore these light fixtures from Lowe’s (Bronze Pendant Light and Antique Rust Pendant Light).

It would also be fun to bring in a graphic, grey patterned fabric to craft a faux Roman shade for over the kitchen sink. The Dwell Studio pattern I used to craft my pretty yellow pillow also comes in a grey colorway – a great option if I can find it for less than the $42 list price, gulp.

The pricier elements in the kitchen will be upgrading our appliances and countertops. We’re leaning towards Kenmore appliances, thanks to pretty affordable price points and a slew of good reviews from Consumer Reports, including low repair percentages. When it comes to counter tops, I’m torn between a solid black (think Absolute Black granite), and a lighter, patterned counter. Of course, there are plenty of other beautiful materials to choose from:

Blanco River (Silestone)

Lyra (Silestone)

Lagoon (Silestone)

Torquay (Cambria)

Bianco Carrara (Zodiaq)

With our wall texture updated, and plans to get our gorgeous herringbone floor in place ASAP, this kitchen makeover is finally on the road. As much as I’d love to knock it all out this summer, we’ll tackle this project in pieces. I’ve got high hopes that we’ll be celebrating the Christmas holidays in a fresh, new kitchen this year. Want a refresher on what our kitchen currently looks like? Check it out here.

Happy weekend, friends. Thanks for stopping by!



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  1. There’s a 100% cotton version of the Dwell Studio fabric that’s much more affordable — sells it for $18.98/yard! Although it’s probably not ideal for heavy-duty upholstery use, it might be a perfect budget-friendly option for your window treatment. Here’s the link:

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