Fun With Flushmounts

In lieu of starting yet another post with a plea to forgive me for my extended absence (we’ll chalk it up to holiday fun in the retail industry and move on), let’s dive right into what’s on my mind when it comes to design.

When the hubby and I tackled the update for our master bathroom, we elected to ignore the closet’s many woes, given the number of other projects that needed to be addressed in the space. And we, like good little soldiers, have continued to ignore a lack of function for the past two years. Unfortunately, the overhead lighting on my side of the closet has recently begun a seizure-inducing flicker, indicating that the ballast in the fluorescent fixture isn’t long for this world. Since replacing the ballast in the fixture would cost $30+, it seems like a good excuse to replace the operating-room lighting with something a little more appealing. Because we’re working in a space with low ceilings, we’ve got to stick to the world of flush mount fixtures.

If you’ve had to look for flush mount lights recently, you’re likely aware of the dilemma: a total dearth of any attractive fixtures. Unless, that is, you adore boob lights, in which case your options are endless.

After multiple trips to Home Depot and Lowe’s, and lots of mousing around the interwebs, here are some of my favorite flush mount options.

Lowes_SquareAllen & Roth from Lowe’s – $59.17

Lowes_RoundAllen & Roth from Lowe’s – $59.87

Lowes_School_HouseSchoolhouse rocks! Allen & Roth from Lowe’s – $44.97

EdisonMore old-school style. Allen & Roth from Lowe’s – $53.37

EstelleI can’t resist sparkly things! This fixture was even prettier in person and the aged brass finish is baaaaack. Hampton Bay from Home Depot – $69.97

Overstock White ShadeMore crystal… from – $99.99

Flush Mount Chandelier

Pricier, but oh-so-pretty. From – $178.20.

Right now, I’m leaning towards this basic fixture from Ikea. At just $29.99, it’s one of the most economic options. And considering this fixture is closet-bound, economics seems important. Plus, it’s clean, streamlined, and modern.


Got any favorites among this bunch? Or do you have another source for flush-mount fabulousness that won’t break the bank?


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