It’s Official…

After several months of living in limbo, we’re officially living in our new house – hooray! While the transition took us a lot longer than planned, thanks to the master bathroom mess, our little family is excited to be under our new roof. The hound is particularly enamored of the new digs and has spent countless hours sprinting up and down the stairs (usually when someone is attempting to carry something ungainly). While most of the rooms are looking a little like this…

Move In Mess

There’s one room that making leaps and bounds towards being a finished space. We started with this, way back when we bought the house…


Which looked a lot worse before it got better.


We breathed a sigh of relief when we kissed the red walls goodbye forever.

Day 1A

And then the beige floors made their exit. Plus, the contractor and his assistant managed to haul in the 450-pound tub for a dry fit. Straight, or on the diagonal?

Day 2B

Day 2A

Diagonal, all the way!

The new shower valve was installed, and the plumbing shifted over by several inches to accommodate for a new, wider footprint for the shower stall.

Day 3A

The concrete got chipped out so the tub plumbing could make a move.

Day 3B

The super strange previous sink plumbing layout got revised – so the pipes could run in through the back of the vanity now, instead of straight up through the bottom. True story.

Day 3C

Insulation installed. We’ll be warm and toasty in our new master bathroom!

Day 4A

Next up… drywall. No super-chunky, dust-catching texture in sight.


With the drywall in place, it was time to re-paint. Red it is!

Sealing Drywall

I kid, I kid. That crazy red paint sealed the Hardiboard behind the shower area – helping us ensure we’ll never have another Moldmageddon on our hands. Then it was time for the fun part – tiling!

Starting To Tile

Before we knew it, the whole shower was tiled – including the gorgeous mosaic niche and floor. Plus, new molding and trim, which will get a coating of crisp white paint.

Tiling Shower

With the shower knocked out, the floors were next on the list… Apparently the tiles we chose were a huge PITA, but the guys did an amazing job with them. And they never cursed my name (at least when I could hear).

Floors Coming Together

Hello, tub! Hello, amazing orb light fixture! I’ll smooch both of you.

Tub In Place

Sneak preview of the vanity… which looks way darker in these fancy iPhone photos than in real life.


Today’s handiwork included the installation of a custom shoe shelf in the closet. So psyched.

Shoe Storage

I must admit, the pace of a professionally-managed project is about 27 times faster than standard Lottery House fare. The major pieces of the remodel will be done in a few days, which means the hubby and I will be on deck for tackling the painting while we wait on counter tops and shower glass. Then our contractor will be back for a day of tying up loose ends, and we’ll call this unexpected project done.

I’ll be sure to share updates as we go! On the blog agenda for next week – some insight into the buying and selling process, based on our crazy experience.



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4 responses to “It’s Official…

  1. Suzie

    Amazing!!! I love it A!

  2. Lauren R.

    Looks SOOOO good 🙂

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