The Good, The Bad & The Moldy

After not-so-patiently waiting for our new home to be officially ours, we finally snagged our keys at the end of February and commenced rejoicing. File that away under good news. In the bad news column, note that celebration lasted only two days – thanks to a moldy discovery the weekend after we closed. Tony and I were peeping the scene at the new house, and noticed a dark spot on one of the wall, right above the trim. So, naturally, we did what any normal person would do – rip the molding off immediately, without any of the proper tools. Our handiwork revealed an unfortunate visitor: mold. After descending into an immediate and complete panic, I finally resurfaced once we made it through the process of professionally eliminating the mold problem (in case you’re counting, that was a full two weeks later). Thankfully, after having the mold tested, we confirmed that it wasn’t toxic. The silver lining to this storm cloud? Since the walls are looking like Swiss cheese and we’re shy a vanity and bathtub, it’s time to tackle a renovation.


Bathroom 2

With more-than-full-time work schedules and a house to sell, we’re turning the majority of this project over to a pro. We’ll tackle basics like painting and light fixtures on our own to save pennies where we can (nothing like an unplanned and extensive renovation to make you consider an all-Ramen-all-the-time diet plan). The layout of the bathroom will stay basically the same, but we’re swapping the corner tub for a freestanding tub, which I’m super excited about. As far as inspiration for this major makeover, this Houzz pic is my favorite.

Farmhouse Bathroom by Denver Architects & Designers Chalet

I’m head-over-heels for the dark chocolate vanity with the marbled floors and the generally clean, bright color palette. Our take on this space will be a little less farmhouse and a little more glam (because you know I’m part magpie, and nothing makes me happier than a little sparkle). Here’s the board I’ve created for our new master bathroom.

Bathroom Mood Board

I’ll be sure to share the source list once we finally have everything installed!


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