31 Years of Fun

After five years, a lot of sweat, and a sprinkling of tears, our house has come a long way. When you’re up to your eyeballs in construction dust, like we are right now, it’s easy to forget why we’re putting so much time and energy into our home. Luckily, my birthday rolled around, just in time to help me put it all into perspective. This year, instead of celebrating at a restaurant or a bar, we opted to invite friends over for a night of pizza, games, and potluck dessert (which turned out to be the best idea ever) – even though the kitchen is looking seriously worse for the wear. Having the house full of old friends and new friends and being surrounded by laughter, shouting (we are a competitive bunch, so games can get a little loud) and chatter really made me remember what the purpose of this whole journey is – to create a house that we love, where we can spend time with the people we love. And as it turns out, the right crowd can have fun anywhere – even in the middle of a disaster zone.

So, even though I was less than psyched about turning 31 (which sounds so much older than 30), it turned out to be a fabulous birthday. I will note that 31 doesn’t just sound older – it feels that way, too.  I closed out an evening of birthday fun by calling the police to report our super-shady neighbors, a group of twenty-something dudes living under one roof that love to host all-night ragers in their garage – with the door open. I’m officially THAT old person, y’all.


P.S. Kitchen update coming this week! Hooray!


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