Dragon Love & Lighting Up

No sooner had I published my last post, lamenting my no-dragon dilemma, when a friend texted to let me know that a friend of hers happened to have a yard of Chiang Mai that I could buy. I figured it was pretty much fate, and happily coughed up for my long-coveted fabric. Less than a week later, the fabric was in my hot little hands.

Chiang Mai Dragon Blue

Since then, I’ve been admiring it from afar and wondering if I really have the guts to slice this investment into pieces and relegate it to a life of being squashed flat as a TV accessory – like this poor guy.


Last weekend, it crossed my mind that this fabric might be better off doubling as a piece of art over the sofa – where it’s safe from being karate-chopped into shape or being drooled on. A quick search of the interwebs turned up some great examples of framed fabric.

Pure Style Homevia Pure Style Home

IkatFabricUsedasWallHangingvia The Decorating Files, originally from Elle Decor

Apartment Therapyvia Apartment Therapy

Apt Therapyvia Apartment Therapy

Framed Chinoiserievia Chinoiserie Chic

My theory is that it’s easier to start by framing the fabric – if I hate it, I can still get busy with my scissors and sewing machine and make the leap to a pair of pillows. Buuuut I’m still not decided (who’s surprised? Not me). What’s your take on framed fabric?

In addition to fretting over fabric, I also FINALLY found a home for our glass lamp bases (scored over a year ago from Target). I snagged two plain white lamp shades from Target, on sale for 15% off plus I rocked a coupon, so I paid less than $30 for both. In addition to the fact that the new lamps actually provide enough light to read by, the scale is perfect, and I love the lightness of the glass base. The old…


And the new.


I also conned the hubby into helping me swap the oh-so-lovely fluorescent fixtures in our closet…


For a pair of Alang fixtures from Ikea.


Now I can hem and haw over what I should wear without the humming of a flourescent fixture in the background. Plus they’re definitely easier on the eyes. Pardon the lackluster photo, it’s borderline impossible to capture a nice photo at an upward angle in a space the size of a phone booth.


Just eleven million more tasks to get the master closet up to snuff, but who’s counting?

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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