The Girl Without The Dragon Fabric

After 3 long months without dessert (I chalk it up to a miracle), plus a week of hemming and hawing about whether or not I could REALLY spend $160 on a yard of fabric, I finally pulled the trigger and placed my order for a single yard of Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon in China Blue. When I rolled in to work Monday morning, I had a notice from PayPal waiting for me – namely, that my money had been refunded because my order had been cancelled. <Insert ear-splitting shriek of outrage here>

Apparently, our friends over at Schumacher decided (recently, I might add), that two yards is now the minimum purchase for any if their fabrics. And as much as I’d like to bring this dragon home, $320 for fabric is absolutely beyond my breaking point.

So, with Schumacher’s new edict in place, I’ve got a few options to consider.
1. Buy two pre-made pillows featuring my dragon’s fierce countenance. For a pair of 22” pillow covers with dragon fabric on the front only, it’ll set me back about $210 on Etsy from PopOColor’s shop. The bonus is that I don’t have to do any sewing on my own (and believe me, the idea of sewing with $160-a-yard fabric was giving me serious heart palpitations). It’s cheaper than buying a yard of fabric, too.

Chiang Mai Dragon Pillows
2. Scrap the dragon and find an alternative. After a lot of frenzied Googling, I came up with a couple of viable choices. The first, Nanjing in Porcelain, is also a Schumacher fabric, so it has a two-yard minimum order as well. But at $68 a yard, I’d still come out waaaay ahead.


I find it super challenging to actually understand the scale of a pattern in an image like this, so here’s another image to help you get a better idea. I am seriously smitten with this gorgeous headboard.

Nanjing HeadboardSource: Kyle Knight Design, from The Edit

The other option, Nanking, is a Ralph Lauren fabric – so no minimum order, but a steeper per-yard price tag – $120 for a yard.


The Ralph Lauren fabric feels more like my original Chiang Mai – and even has a dragon – but I worry it leans a little old-womanish. Both of these options involve some sewing, which is usually inextricably linked to swearing, but I can deal (and I’ve successfully crafted a pillow before, so I think it can be done).

What’s your take? Should I spring for the Chiang Mai and its gruesome price tag, or try my hand at sewing my own pillows with Nanking or Nanjing? And no, I don’t think those fabrics could have more confusingly similar names.



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3 responses to “The Girl Without The Dragon Fabric

  1. Lauren R.

    I would make the investment and do the Chiang Mai. My pillow only has the fabric on one side which helped with the cost. The back is a neutral solid. Could your seller do that?

  2. Agree with the other two comments – Chiang Mai definitely.

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