A Swedish Love Affair

Allow me to spoil the surprise and tell you that as I type this post, I’m curled up on Karl’s chaise… and it’s divine. <Insert contented sigh here> But let’s back up a few steps. Last weekend, our dining room was looking a little like the inside of a moving van.
After ogling his goodies for the last year, we’d finally brought Karlstad home for good. There was just one little problem: a room that was already full of furniture.
Luckily, the bulky boys’ adoptive family made the trip down to Texas to pick them up last weekend, leaving us with lots of wide open spaces – perfect for an oversized Swede. In the interrim, we rocked an interesting furniture arrangement. No bonus points for functionality or comfort here. Karlstad04
On Sunday morning, we rolled up our sleeves and started unpacking the SEVEN enormous boxes our Karlstad arrived in. We built…
And covered…
And after 3.5 hours of following Ikea directions (with a little cursing thrown in here and there, because it’s practically required when you’re building Ikea furniture), we had ourselves a fully-assembled Karlstad.
And just to cement my status as a mind-reader, I know what you’re thinking: “Man, that picture over the couch is way too small.” I know this because the first two people that got a sneak preview of Karl said exactly that. And trust me, I agree wholeheartedly. I’d love something map-inspired, or the perfect piece of abstract art (without a “real” art price tag), but the search is still on. Also on the agenda: task lighting. A pair of plug-in swing arm sconces would be perfect, given the lack of table space. I love this Home Decorators version (although at $90 a pop, I’m on the prowl for a cheaper pair).
Swing Arm
And if you’re thinking that a pair of Chiang Mai dragon pillows would be the perfect complement to Karl, you’re right. I’ve got almost half of the no-dessert challenge under my belt, so keep your fingers crossed that my willpower will have a 90-day window.

So what do you think – was Karl worth the wait? I’m dying to host a movie night here, now that we have ample seating for a small herd. More pictures, tweaks and musings to come soon… Happy Monday, friends!



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12 responses to “A Swedish Love Affair

  1. Sara Horgen

    Hi there – Just came across your blog in search if Karl pics, can’t wait to check out more of your posts! Wondering if you can tell me what your room dimensions are? We are building a house and our living room is 21×14 and looks very similar to your size. We went out to the house (before any flooring or cabinets etc. are in) and measured out what the corner sectional plus chaise would look like in the space and my husband right away was like this is the biggest couch I’ve ever seen, lol. So no we’re thinking of just doing the corner sofa and no chaise. Although I hear that chaise is mighty comfy! Now I wonder if the space will feel different once the house is farther along so we’ll wait to make our final decision til it’s almost done. Yay for Ikea and being able to pick up a big sofa the day you purchase! So just wondering what the size of your space is, as yours doesn’t look too big for the space at all…..TIA!

    • Hi Sara! We said the exact same thing before we got Karl built – we left the chaise lounge in the box until the end, figuring we could always return it if the corner couch felt big enough. That said, the chaise lounge is by far the most used part of the sofa. It’s in constant competition. 🙂 Our living room is about 25′ x 13′, so very similar to the dimensions of your space.

  2. Wendy K.

    So is that the Karlstad sectional with an added chase? That is the perfect fit for my living room. My husband and I have finally agreed on the Karlstad. I’ve been searching images to find the perfect Karlstad! Thanks for any imput 🙂

    • Hi Wendy! You’re right, that’s Karlstad plus an added chaise. He’s literally my favorite home purchase ever – I love that the whole family can lounge around and read or watch a movie together. And I’m not sure which cover you’re looking at, but the Isunda gray has worn really well so far. I used a tiny bit of soap and water to clean up a spill recently, and it came right out. Good luck with your sofa search! 🙂

      • Wendy K.

        Thanks!!! I think we are looking at the dark grey one?? I noticed on their website they have two dark grey choices, and they both look the same. I will definitely have to go into the store and take a closer look!

  3. ModachromeHome

    Hi! I love your Karlstad sectional. My husband and I are planning to buy one in white soon, with the chaise on one end and the attached sofa. Quick question – is it possible to leave the arm off on the assembled chaise end or no? I like the look with the arm on and we will be buying it either way but I’m all about versatility, haha.

  4. Tirsa

    I came across your blog while looking for Karlstad pics. You have the color I am considering. How has the color held up? (seeing as it can’t be washed) Are the back cushions attached or do they come off easily?
    And my last question: what size rug do you have under it?

    Thanks so much!

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