Oh Hi, Karl.

If you’re a repeat visitor here at the Lottery House, odds are that you’re well aware of how much I’ve been jonesing to swap our bulky leather sofas for a clean, streamlined sectional that our family can cozy up on all together. After saving my pennies for close to a year and finding an adoptive family for the leather twins, we welcomed Karl into the Lottery House. So far, he’s just a really big pile of boxes camped out in our dining room.


Someday, though, he’ll look a little like this…
YHL Karlstad

Young House Love’s Karlstad Sectional

Except in the Isunda Gray color from the image below. The tweedy finish will (hopefully) be perfect for hiding a multitude of sins from family living.

Contemporary Living Room design by New Orleans Architect Adam Breaux via Houzz

We opted for the corner sofa plus the chaise lounge add-on, which I first spied on Young House Love. It’s a monster, as far as couches go – around 140 inches long. With seating for ten, it’ll be perfect for stretching out on to watch a movie, or hosting game night with our friends.

Now the only thing standing in Karl’s way is the leather duo – scheduled to be picked up next weekend. I.cannot.wait. Adios, fellas. (Pardon the pre-rug photo.)

In addition to spending a year’s worth of pinched pennies, we also did some dog-sitting this weekend. Although this adorable Tina Turner look-alike was timid when he arrived…

Timid Meyer

In no time at all, he and Steve were happily sharing couch-space.

Steve and Meyer

And in case you’re wondering, I’m still going strong on the no-dessert challenge. I’ve got a month of dessert-free living under my belt, and strangely enough, I don’t miss it much (ask me again after the many weddings & showers on the docket for the next month). One month down, two to go… Chiang Mai, you’re almost mine!



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