Have I mentioned that Halloween is my favorite holiday? An excuse to eat candy, dress up in crazy costumes, and decorate the house? Done. So when October 1 rolled around, I was excited to roll out some of my favorite spooky accessories, although I definitely didn’t go hog-wild this year. A white ceramic skull, to feed my all-things-ceramic addiction.

The still-unpainted mantle got a dose of creepy with some all-black tomes, spray-painted faux pumpkins, branches I nabbed from a neighbor’s trash pile (yup, I am that person), a tiny Pope bust, and a small orange pumpkin still sporting its stem.

We also took the decorations outdoors, reviving last year’s DIY gravestones. I also repurposed the welcome sign from our friend Tu’s engagement party, christening our small cemetery “The Boneyard”.

We rocked some understated pumpkins this year. Tony’s mustachioed pumpkin earned a place of honor in the front yard.

I, on the other hand, decided to try my hand at studding a Cinderella pumpkin with some nailheads (acquired from Home Depot on the cheap). Super easy, plus no pumpkin guts to excavate or rotting carcass to dispose of. Bonus! A little before and after action…

With all the decorations in place, there was nothing left to do but celebrate. Our hipster costumes were super low-key, and ironically, mostly outfitted from my existing wardrobe (including Tony’s super hipster skinny jeans). And yeah, those are my real glasses.

Happy Halloween, friends! Any fun plans, costumes or decor you can’t live without?


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