A Furry New Friend

When my brother texted me two Sundays ago to let me know that he had adopted a puppy from the ASPCA, I was over the moon, sight unseen. Because there’s no such thing as an ugly puppy, right? Luckily, the timing worked out perfectly, and we got to meet the little furball last weekend. Without further adieu, let me introduce Augustus – you can call him Auggie.

Insanely cute, no? While we were in Houston, we managed to tear ourselves away from the pup long enough  to make a pilgrimage to Target, where I snapped up a pair of these starburst mirrors.

The idea of using matching mirrors above the dressers in our bedroom – instead of the single mirror above the bed – has been dancing through my head for awhile now. (Want to see what the layout looks like now? Click here) As much as I try to tell myself I can deal with asymmetry… order and symmetry are kind of my jam.

via Houzz

via Houzz

And since these mirrors were $39.99 each (not cheap, but definitely way less than the other styles I’ve been eyeballing), they seemed like the perfect impetus to make this idea a reality. Here’s hoping we can take them from shoved-in-a-corner to happily-on-the-wall this weekend!

In unrelated news, I’d like to air a complaint. After finally biting the bullet and getting cable TV, I had visions of curling up on the couch and watching hours of amazing HGTV shows, like Sarah 101 and Dear Genevieve. Little did I know that the only programming on in the evenings is House Hunters. Like 7 days a week. And my dear friends Sarah & Tommy are relegated to a showing time of 7 AM! <Insert shriek of outrage here> Guess that means we’ll be coughing up the extra dough for DVR. Sigh. Anyone else not down with hours upon hours of House Hunters? Or am I the only weirdo who isn’t interested in watching first-time homeowners cough up a cool half a mil for a house?



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4 responses to “A Furry New Friend

  1. Teresa s

    Adorable puppy!

    And it’s really funny you should mention house hunters because I’m watching house hunters international right now! They do play it far too much..though I do tend to get sucked in to watching it fairly often.

  2. HI! That puppy is…seriously…too cute! I can’t stand it!! 🙂 I wanted to weigh in on the dvr thing….I went kicking and screaming to dvr land (me yelling: “it’s too much $$$!!”; husband insisting that we NEED it!) But, now I am a happy convert! You’ll love the ability to record whole series of your favs, and pausing, rewinding, etc., will be great for you to spy all the great DIY details! Have no fear, my friend…

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