A Quick Fix

While there are lots of things a little bit of elbow grease can fix, the size of a room isn’t one of them. Our laundry room has long suffered from being horribly undersized – and constantly in use – so it was high time to make a few tweaks to the look and functionality of the space. Since we come and go through our garage, the laundry room is our mud room as well. So it had turned into a bit of a dumping ground for dog accessories, shoes, purses, and – well, junk. Sorry in advance for the crazy coloring in the photos – still trying to work through computer issues.

After a quick de-cluttering, I swapped our sad old plastic laundry basket for the pretty wicker basket that had played host to a bevvy of shoes during the engagement party we threw for our friends TuUyen and Alan. I also traded out the bizarre assortment of coat hangers for something a little less visually chaotic – matched, white hangers.

The next task to tackle was shoe storage. Apparently over-the-door shoe storage solutions have come a long way since the white, plastic-y variety. I ordered this linen shoe organizer with contrasting trim from Amazon.

And not only does it do the job, it also looks pretty decent for a shoe organizer.

When I can somehow manage to add more hours to a day, there are several other projects on the agenda for this space – molding with hooks to corral purses…

via Houzz

Upgrading the laminate cabinets with some trim, or maybe just swapping them out for some shelving instead.

via Houzz

I’d also like to upgrade the light fixture – might as well have something pretty in such a well-traveled space! This small chandelier would be the perfect scale and just the right amount of sparkle.

Throw in a sleek new paint job, a cute floor mat, and a mirror for last-minute appearance checks, and we might have a space that actually serves its purpose!


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