Rugs on Parade

Although all the two-legged creatures in our house are officially smitten with our shiny, new floors, there’s one family member who has spent the last few months less than satisfied with the flooring situation. That’s right, I’m talking about our furry friend, Steve.

Just a few days before the flooring project was complete, I happened to be wandering through Home Goods (aka my home away from home and a very dangerous place for my wallet), when I spied a 100% wool runner on clearance for $54. I was instantly head over heels for the recessed interior and the pretty navy and green color palette.

Although it’s shorter than I would like for the hallway (which is apparently something like 14 feet long – what the heck), it looks lovely with the floors and definitely passes muster with the dog.

I’ve also seen it function effectively as a crash pad when someone knocks on the door – dog skitters across the rug, and dog plus rug go rocketing into the backside of the front door. It’s a little funny.

The other must-cover area was the living area. After having my eye on this modern, navy and cream chevron rug for months…

I finally bit the bullet and ordered it from at an amazing sale – just $150 for a 6-foot by 9-foot version. Then I commenced waiting. And waiting. And waiting. After 3 months, I cancelled my order and spent twice as much to order a slightly larger version from

And here’s the dog, sharing his approval. And his evil eyes. Devilish glances aside, this is actually a much better representation of the rug color. Still struggling with the camera challenge, my friends.

And it was SO worth the extra money. The wool feels so nice underfoot, and the pattern is punchy and modern without being overwhelmingly busy. It’s definitely still in the shedding phase, but it survived a 4o-person engagement party quite nicely, so I think she’s a winner. Eventually, we’ll put something underneath the dining room table, but for now, the dog has plenty of soft spots to lie.

If you’re in the market for a rug, here’s where you can snag your very own chevron rug (in lots of colors, including navy and grey… but I’m loving this new multi-blue color concoction!)


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