In the Nick of Time

After living in a war zone for the better part of a month, we finally had a serious impetus to get the Lottery House back in order – namely, an engagement party for two of our favorite friends. So, with a hard deadline for getting the house reassembled, we put in lots of nights and weekends organizing the hot mess that was our little casa. With the house finally tidied, I also made time for a few crafty little projects for the party. It’s a commonly known fact (around here, anyway), that I’m a total germophobe. On my first business trip was a friend and coworker, I almost had a heart attack when I saw her put her suitcase on her bed – it’s still something we giggle about.

Anyhoo, with new floors and my sanity to protect, I knew I had to get folks to shuck their shoes at the door for this party. But in lieu of asking the often-awkward, “Hey, would you mind taking off your shoes?”, I thought I should get a sign to do the talking for me. I started by buying a big rattan basket from Target (also my soon-to-be dirty laundry basket, how’s that for multi-tasking), plus a few supplies from Michael’s. I snagged a wooden rectangle, a long stick, some chalkboard spraypaint, and some plain white chalk. After hot-gluing the stick to the back of the wooden rectangle, I gave the whole affair a thorough coat with Krylon’s chalkboard spray paint.

Then I set it into the edge of the basket, wrote a little note, and affixed one of the poofs that my friend Stacy crafted for the party. A cute (and effective!) way to save me from the dirty work of asking peeps to ditch their shoes.

I also came up with a crafty way to have friends share well-wishes with our bride and groom to-be. With the help of a branch (hijacked from a neighbor’s backyard cuttings) and one of my favorite Home Goods vases, plus some plain cardstock bookmarks from Michael’s (cut in half, punched with a flower-shape, and topped with a bit of pink ribbon for hanging), we had an easy, inexpensive way to let our guests share the love.

In other news, my laptop has finally collapsed, which sadly means I have no way to process the many party decor pics I captured on my real camera. So I apologize for the iPhone pics, and have to warn you that photos from the Lottery House might be a bit dicey for awhile as I work on a solution. I’ve also (as you might have guessed) been struggling a bit lately with work-life-play-blog balance. Please bear with me as I try to find the right cadence for blogging and the right tools for sharing photos of our DIY adventures!



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2 responses to “In the Nick of Time

  1. Alexis

    Cute! BTW…You and my husband are cleanliness soulmates! 🙂

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