Southern Reunion

Although a more diligent blogger would have prepared a stack of posts to share with you during my two-week hiatus, sadly, I am not that girl. Instead, I scurried off to South Carolina without leaving a single post in my wake. My bad!

Why South Carolina? The second annual Old Main 302 reunion – a yearly adventure with some of my favorite girls in the world – my college roomies. Old Main 302 was our apartment for two years, and we thought it was the most beautiful bachelorette pad in the world. In retrospect, the floor-to-ceiling mirrors and grungy carpet probably weren’t going to win any design awards (and the building has since been knocked to the ground, which lends a little credence to this theory). Interior aesthetics aside, it was an amazing few years and we had so many fun times together.

One of the roomies – Kalan, who answers to Miss K or Sweet Baby K – currently lives in South Carolina. So she secured a beach house for us right on the water in Folly Beach. On my first morning there, I went for a run on the beach – the view was just a LITTLE nicer than my normal morning run!

Some of the highlights from our trip included our first girls’ dinner out – right in the center of Folly Beach. So nice to catch up and enjoy a meal together out on the town! From left to right, Kalan, yours truly, Chaz, Alexis, and Katie.

We also hit up the Piggly Wiggly (a SC grocery chain). Naturally, I had to snag a t-shirt that boasts their logo – a giant pig. Plus we had to make time to snap our photos in the pig cutout. Chaz’s take (maybe my favorite photo of her – ever!):

And mine:

I also stopped by the bakery to drool over the Cookie Monster cookies – definitely a future DIY project. I think even my limited decorating skills could manage these little guys!

We also hosted a party at our beach house to meet some of Miss K’s South Carolina crew. Kalan and Chaz whipped up some Jello shots inside of lemon rinds – a genius idea that Chaz snagged from Pinterest.

Pre-party, we posed on the deck with my favorite surprise of the trip – reusable plastic cups that Kalan and Chaz decorated with each of our nicknames.

The girls introduced me to Phase 10, a card game that they started playing the year I graduated. We concluded the game with a round of arm wrestling (in case you wouldn’t have guessed from the photo, I lost. It was not close).

On our last night together, we enjoyed dinner at Rue de Jean, a French restaurant in downtown Charleston. Yours truly had eaten too much queso in the afternoon and skipped dinner, but the girls gave their meals rave reviews.

Of course, the bittersweet part of an amazing vacation reunion is when it’s time to say goodbye until next year. Life is just better with your besties.

Love you girls!



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2 responses to “Southern Reunion

  1. Oh! Reading that made me miss my girlfriends!!! So… are you running the melon dash with us, or what!? 🙂

    • Hi friend! So sorry I missed out on the Melon Run! We hosted an engagement party fora friend this weekend, and were busy busy setting everything up! Hope the race was great in spite of the heat. 🙂

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