The Best Laid Plans

In case you hadn’t noticed in my last post, I was insanely excited to bid adieu to our grungy old carpet and get our pretty new wood floors installed. Here’s a reminder of what the floors used to look like (you’re also being treated to a flash-back of our boobalicious light fixtures)…

Like clockwork, the team from About Flooring showed up bright and early last Friday morning to kick the grubby carpet and last vestiges of “never looks clean even though it’s freshly mopped” white tile to the curb. The removal part of the process was surprisingly quick – after scoring the carpet with box cutters to make the pieces more manageable, the guys ripped the carpet out and the padding out.

The next step was removing the tack strips – just a hammer and a crowbar, plus a little bit of elbow grease. Removing the hallway tile was a bit more time consuming (and dusty!). The tiles came out using a small, handheld jackhammer, and then a grinder hooked up to a vacuum hose took the old mortar down to nothing.

That’s when the whole affair took a turn for the worse. The team lead took a stroll around, wincing at how uneven the concrete sub-floor was. Which meant the next step was adding lots and lots of float (which, in my understanding, is just a fancy word for concrete).

13 bags worth of float, to the precise, to the tune of 585 unexpected smackeroos. Yech. The real problem was when the lead informed me that laying our wood floors would have to wait for the mass amounts of float to dry. Which means, one week later, we’re still rocking a floorless look as we attempt to schedule an install that works with everyone’s schedules.

We enjoyed the no-furniture look for several days…

Which led to a round of indoor rollerskating – definitely the highlight of the whole project for my favorite nine-year-old. Sorry about the blurry picture, apparently those super level floors allow skaters to move at the speed of light.

Then we decided we couldn’t live without the TV, so we dragged that back out of hiding and plopped it in front of a folding bench, generously lent to us by our awesome neighbors.

Since we are sans floors indefinitely, we decided to tackle a few projects that would be decidedly less of a pain without having to tape off brand-new wood floors. Our front hallway got a fresh coat of the same off-white color – this time in a virtually indestructible, super-scrubabble flat enamel finish. We also gave all the doors and trim a fresh, clean coat of paint – no more yellowy-beige trim. Funny how brightening the color of the trim gives the off-white paint a completely different appearance! The front door is patiently awaiting a dose of color, which I’m hoping to tackle in the next few nights.

The fireplace is also tiled, and looking sharp. Next up: adding some fancy-fied trim and giving everything a lovely, crisp coat of white paint. Yet another project for the do-it-stat list. The folks from About Flooring will also be grouting in the immediate future!

In addition to all these little projects that have been keeping us up nights lately (and keeping me from blogging or processing photos – hence all the iPhone photos), we’ve also had a personal issue in the forefront. About a week ago, our furriest family member stepped on an exposed carpet tack and cut his foot open badly enough to require stitches – and a cone of shame. We’re feeling super guilty about being terrible pet parents, and are really looking forward to having our furbaby healthy again. Luckily, the doc says everything is healing well and stitches should come out on Monday. If you want to send any positive vibes Steve’s way, we’d all appreciate it.

In case anyone’s counting, this whole flooring project is going on 3 weeks now. Anyone else think we might have been just as fast DIYing this whole business? How about you – any well-laid plans go awry?


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