Progress at the Lottery House + Some Ugly Pictures

Why judge a book by its cover when you can judge a post by its title? Prepare your eyeballs for some seriously last-minute, unedited photos, accompanied by hard-core sarcasm. Sorry, friends!

While it’s obvious that I’m a bit of a slacker when it comes to writing actual blog posts, the truth of the matter is, I’ve been a busy little bee! Last week, I devoted my evenings to painting trim. The highlight of the affair was the night I painted with the garage door open and numerous bugs committed suicide in my freshly painted trim. And by highlight I mean the moment I almost ran off to join the circus. In any case, all 216 feet are now sporting two coats of Olympic’s no-VOC Ultra White semi-gloss paint. Phew. A mouthful to say and a beating to paint! The new trim is 3.5 inches, which will be a nice upgrade from the old 2-inch baseboards. And yes, my iPhone is playing tricks on you – Olympic’s Ultra White is actually white, not a grody shade of yellow.

Last Saturday was devoted to sealing the bright, white grout on the new kitchen floor – in an attempt to keep it looking bright and white for as long as possible (and when all else fails, my handy-dandy bleach pen will save the day). It was a sloooow process, and sadly, the floors looked exactly the same when I finished. While I was busy sealing up the grout, Tony and Livi got to work removing the old baseboards from all the rooms that will be getting wood floors. As it turns out, Livi’s pretty handy when it comes to manual labor. The best part? She’s still at the age where she actually LIKES to help, and was thrilled to tackle this part of the destruction. Please don’t report me to CPS.

I also got cracking painting the kitchen. Before you entertain visions of us getting all crafty and choosing a final color for the walls, let me set you straight: just a coat of Olympic’s White in flat to prime over our newly minted texture. Definitely slow going, but an important step in keeping the texture intact. And let me just say this: they aren’t kidding when they call it white. It’s SO bright. And sterile-looking. But it’ll work for a couple of months while we’re gathering pennies to crack into the kitchen remodel. It’s hard to tell, but the brighter white shade that ends at the bottom of the cabinet is the primed area.

With just 3 days until we bid our grubby old carpet adieu, I am seriously on the road to psyched. I’ll be sure to share pics as we go! And maybe a little sarcasm, too. Happy hump day, friends!


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