Mortar, Tiles & Texture, Oh My!

After a weekend of chiseling out mortar, sawing drywall, and painstakingly removing glue from the metal firebox, we were ready to make one (small) step in the forward direction on our fireplace project: having the massive holes in the drywall repaired. (Sorry for the absurd iPhone photos – my old laptop just refuses to process pictures today.)

The awesome team from Pyramid Drywall had the giant holes patched in no time, leaving us with a clean slate. The wine jugs I got from Home Goods recently were so excited about the improvement that they came to live on the mantle… at least until the next phase of construction!

We also paid a trip to the tile store this weekend. Predictably, my favorites were all carrera marble. From penny tile and subway patterns to a herringbone that made my heart flutter, there were lots of gorgeous choices. In the end, though, the most cost-effective option is a basic, 12 x 12 carerra tile. Super classic and something that won’t look dated in a few years – hopefully! A few inspiration photos I nabbed from…

Traditional Living Room design
by San Francisco General Contractor Cardea Building Co.

Contemporary Living Room design
by Nashville Interior Designer cke interior design llc

Although I had originally planned to manage the re-tiling of the fireplace myself, the interesting discovery we made after removing the old tile has given me pause. Namely: the fact that the old tile ran right over the metal of the firebox, which, according to every DIY forum I’ve found, isn’t exactly recommended (in spite of the fact that it seems to be commonplace). With an uneven area (the firebox has several pieces that aren’t all flush with each other), multiple surface materials to make the marble stick to, and marble tiles that aren’t exactly cheap, this may be another project for the pros. So, all that to say that the fireplace is still very much TBD.

We (and by we, I mean Pyramid Drywall) made another small leap this weekend. The DIY texture we attempted in the kitchen got a fresh, professional look, courtesy of the experts.

Here’s a close-up, so you can see just how subtle the texture is – just how I like it, since I’m of the opinion that a wall’s texture shouldn’t be the star in a room (so no, there won’t be any glazing or shiny paints on these walls). Tell that to the late 80’s starburst texture.

What surprised both Tony and I was how much better we liked the kitchen space without the butter-yellow walls. The light grey color of the new mud on the walls got us thinking about a warm grey shade for the kitchen walls. Yum. For now, though, these freshly textured walls will be getting a nice, clean coat of flat, white primer paint.

I’ll be back later this week to share the kitchen design plan with you… and I’m SUPER excited.


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