The Easy Way to Get Rid of Wrinkles

And no, I’m not talking about a face lift. After test driving my new ottoman fabric last week, I was dying to get busy reupholstering our comfy footrest. And since Friday marked our first summer-time, half-day Friday at work, it seemed like the perfect time to tackle a little fabric update – putting an end to these unsightly wrinkles, caused by the different weave densities in my fabric.

I started by unscrewing the table top from the base (easier said than done when the craptastic power drill is out of batteries and you’re armed with a screwdriver and a sad pair of biceps). Next up was removing the staples securing my old fabric – uh, old obviously not being the right word here, but you’re with me, right?

Removing old upholstery staples is simple. Just place a flat head screwdriver at the middle of your staple, and give a few taps with a hammer. Your screwdriver will slide right under your staple, popping it out. A pair of pliers will help you remove any stubborn hangers-on.

After giving my new fabric a thorough ironing, I laid it face-down on the floor and plopped the ottoman cushion on top. I added a single staple in the middle of one side, and then stood the cushion up to work my way around.

That made it easier to ensure that my pattern was staying straight, and that I was pulling the fabric taut enough to remove any unwelcome wrinkles. The hubby screwed the ottoman top back on, and it was better than new. Of course, with the ottoman recovered, I was inspired to play with the plethora of pillows and blankets lying around the living room. My old blue pillows are actually a great foil to the new ottoman fabric – what a fun surprise. When I stood back, I was surprised to see that the room is actually starting to come together. It’s amazing what a little fabric can do!

If only removing all those wrinkles from my forehead were as simple…

P.S. I know I’ve been MIA lately – I promise there’s a good reason for my absence, and I’ll share later this week. Here’s a hint… this design is starting from the ground up!


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