Pillow Talk

It might have occurred to you to wonder what in the heck is going on in our living room. Or maybe it hasn’t, but either way, here’s the scoop. I’ve been busily ignoring the elephant in our little lottery house – namely, the total disarray and lack of direction going on in the space that I’d desperately like to cross off the to-do list. After a recent trip to Fabric Factory (the best fabric store ever – lots of high-end fabrics, but prices that are on-par with JoAnn’s), I brought home two fabrics that I adore. Bright, poppy colors that work with the neutrals in our space but add a little bit of fun. Which, after all, was the whole purpose of this makeover. This weekend, I finally got busy doing a little sewing with my new fabric. I must admit, I always feel some trepidation when it comes to whipping out the sewing machine for anything other than a basic hem. But, with a simple, envelope-style pillow case in mind, I had high hopes for success. My pillow was an awkward shape, so I winged it when it came to putting a plan together. The whole time I was sewing, I kept waiting for the wheels to come off the bus. I finished, turned the case right-side out, and commenced jamming the pillow form into the case. I stood back, and was pretty astonished to find a perfectly shaped, “could it be professional?” pillow staring back at me. Victory!

It’s the perfect pop of color, and it’s cute enough with the ottoman…

But it looks even better with the other fabric I chose… don’t you agree?

Sooo, right now, this fabric is just draped over the ottoman… but recovering it is definitely in the near future. Before you get exasperated at how non-committal I am (like someone I live with might be, ahem), there are a few problems with the first fabric I chose. Other than the stain that appeared on the ottoman shortly after it was completed, the fabric also puckers strangely because of the weave. I thought I could live with it, but, well, here we are!

In unrelated news, is anyone watching The Bachelorette? I accidentally watched the first episode last week, and told Tony, “This show is so stupid! Why don’t they make all the dates boring, real-life things like building a piece of furniture from Ikea or grocery shopping?” When I sat down to watch it this week (not an accident), I was SO excited when Emily’s first one-on-one date involved baking cookies… you know, kinda like real life. I’m pretty sure I’ve been suckered in for the full season… sigh.


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