I Heart Home Goods

After a failed attempt to depart for Houston on Friday afternoon (apparently spring showers = downed flights), I finally made it to Houston on Saturday afternoon to deliver a little in-person Mother’s Day love. My mom was definitely surprised to see me, although apparently I am not as inventive as I would like to think, since, according to her, I flew home to surprise her for the occasion last year as well. Woops.

Anyhoo, since I had taken Monday off of work, I still had plenty of time to enjoy a nice, long visit. Naturally, that necessitated a pilgrimage to the Home Goods by my parents’ house, which is somehow 80 million times better than the one in my neck of the woods. Of course, it was only after I had loaded up a cart full of merchandise that it occurred to me that none of my goodies would be coming home with me on Monday since I had flown in. Which means that these lovelies are patiently waiting for me… in Houston.

Super-cute wire basket with linen liner – $9.99.

After looking at the photo, it occurred to me that the liner is slightly janky, which might explain its Home Goods status. Woops. Looks eerily similar to this pricey version ($16 – $34, depending on size) from Wisteria, no?

Blue wine-jug style bottles – $7.99 each.

Although the scale in this photo is totally bizarre, they’re actually a good size. And they beat the pants off of their Pottery Barn counterparts, at $99 for the teeniest version.

Plus, they are made from 100% recycled glass. Bonus!

You may not be excited about these, but I sure am. These Pyrex-style bowls usually clock in close to $10 a pop, but were just $5.99 each.

They’re BPA-free, which is a must, and since the bowls are made of glass, they are microwave and dishwasher safe (we just leave the lids off for microwaving).

Last but not least, this little wooden fella ($7.99) – who actually snuck into my backpack and made the journey home with me.

He very nearly embarrassed me at the security checkpoint, since apparently he looks quite similar to a water bottle in the x-ray machine. I said a silent prayer that the security agent rooting through my backpack wouldn’t open the plastic bag containing my super-sweaty running gear from that morning – luckily, the mushroom was discovered (and cleared of any suspicion) long before my stanky workout clothes. Phew!

What’s your favorite place to snag finds for the house? Are you a Home Goods addict like me?


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