The Shops at Target

In my single days, Target was a store that I stopped in to occasionally, usually after moving to a new apartment. After Tony and I tied the knot and I relocated to the burbs, Target became my home-away-from-home. It’s been suggested to me on a few occasions that making a Target run every other day is excessive, but I just can’t help myself. A store that carries cute clothes, fun housewares, and boring necessities (which are often the impetus for stopping in), and happens to live precisely on my way home? Done and done.

When Target announced their Missoni collection last year, my excitement was a little overboard. But, with massive lines and empty shelves in stores and “out of stock” signs peppering their website, as far as I was concerned, Missoni was a total bust. So when I first saw Target commercials a few weeks back, introducing the Shops at Target, I was cautiously optimistic. The concept, in a nutshell, is mini-collections from 5 cool, local shops across the country – available at everyone’s favorite big-box store. So I hauled my tail out of bed on Sunday morning and headed over to the nearest Target to see what the fuss was all about. The signage was definitely front and center – pardon the iPhone photos, but I had the idea that bringing our enormous camera to Target for a little Sunday shopping might seem weird.

Since the collections spanned pretty much every department at Target, that meant we took a full tour around Target to peep The Shops. Tony was overjoyed about this! In the clothing department, I spied a few fun pieces from the Webster collection. I had my eye on this wrap dress, but the $43 price tag sent me away empty-handed.

I tried to convince Tony that he needed these turquoise shorts, but he immediately delivered a strong “no”.

The Candy Store display earned points for being cute, but sugary candy isn’t my scene (I’m partial to all things chocolate), so I took a pass.

We peeked at the  Polka Dot Dog Bakery items, and if we hadn’t coughed up $60 for a bag of dog food yesterday, maybe everyone’s favorite naughty hound would have scored a treat. Sorry, Steve!

I’m not a big beauty product kind of gal, so I passed by the Cos Bar display without giving it much thought. If I could figure out how to operate false eyelashes, this 3-pack would have been a fun purchase. My favorite Shop was Privet Home (which reminds me of Harry Potter). I wanted to empty these shelves into our cart, but, as usual, my cheapness got the best of me.

The neutral pouf is the PERFECT shade for our living room, but the $79 price tag was too hefty for this cheapskate. How about this trio of pillows, for a dose of springy color? Or this pretty, whitewashed basket. A much nicer way to store laundry than the oversized, white-plastic ugliness that currently resides in our laundry room.

Soooo while I walked away from this Target trip with just a few essentials (a water bottle and sponges, boring!), it was definitely worth a look… and if those poufs ever go on clearance, there’s one with my name on it.

Have you checked out The Shops? What do you say – is Target’s latest venture a hit or a miss?

P.S. In case you’re wondering, this post wasn’t sponsored… and the hot sports opinions are mine, all mine!


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