Playing Favorites

You might say that I’m opinionated. You might also use less nice words, but this is my blog, so we’ll stick with the former. Aaaand being an overly opinionated person, I’ve racked up a lot of favorites in life – everything from shelter mags to soup, and lots in between. Buckle your seat belts, friends, we’ll make this fast and furious.

Favorite shelter mag: House Beautiful, although I just subscribed to HGTV Magazine – we’ll see if it usurps the title.

Favorite interior designer: The flawless Toby Fairley. Exquisite color combinations and a style that (in my estimation) is a fun take on traditional.

Favorite blog: Centsational Girl, for the inventive project ideas, great step-by-step tutorials, and amazing design sensibility – on a budget.

Favorite fabric brand: Premier Prints. Modern, punchy prints in bright colors, traditional patterns in a muted palette… check and check. Super affordable? Check that off, too. My new fave pattern is this Gotcha print, in the Denton/Citrus colorway. So fun.

Favorite design book: Domino. No questions asked.

Favorite tool: The Kreg jig. Without it, the seamless joinery of our ottoman would have been a figment of my imagination.

Favorite store for home decor bargains: I can declare no winner here. Target and Home Goods are neck-in-neck.

Favorite online source for home items: Overstock, baby. Can’t argue with PB style on a Lottery House budget – a la the newly installed lantern chandeliers.

Favorite steal of a deal: The side table that was rocking a serious lean until my brother bent it back into shape – snagged for $17 at Ross and slated for an upgraded top… someday.

Favorite design show: Anything with Sarah Richardson – Sarah’s House, Sarah’s Summer House, Sarah 101. At the risk of being totally creepy, I’m dying to be friends with Sarah and her adorable sidekick, Tommy Smythe (he’s the non-furry one, but the pig sure is cute, too!). And, yes, I nabbed this photo from his FB fan page. I think it’s safe to say I just darted across the border into Stalkerville.

Favorite color: Blue. It’s literally in every room of our house – and I had no idea how much I loved it until I took stock of our abode.

Favorite email: “This week on Houzz.” A bite-sized version of all the goodness available on Houzz, delivered straight to my inbox, twice a week. I get giddy when I realize it’s Houzz day. Yup, I’m that nerdy.

Oak Park Victorian traditional kitchen

traditional kitchen design by chicago kitchen and bath Rebekah Zaveloff

Favorite TV show: Modern Family. And it’s not even for the beautifully designed houses of all 3 families. It’s hilarious… plus there’s the Ty Burell factor.

Favorite accessory: Scarves. The brighter the better. How can a person in such a hot climate own so many scarves? It’s a mystery. This preppy striped number is from Target.

Favorite place to shop for clothes: Ann Taylor Loft, if I’m spending someone else’s money. How cute is this ikat blazer? Otherwise, Target is my go-to for fun, inexpensive pieces.

Favorite splurge meal: When I’m not vaguely attempting to stick to a healthy diet, my absolute fave calorie-packed treat is Whataburger’s potato, egg & cheese taquito. Drool.

Favorite dessert: Anything with cream cheese icing, or peanut butter and chocolate. This looker is Cheesecake Factory’s Red Velvet Cheesecake. It’s every bit as wonderful as it sounds.

Favorite healthy food: Let’s steer back in the right direction, shall we? The creamy tomato soup from Pacific Naturals is just 100 calories per cup and tastes completely sinful.

Phew. That’s a good crack at my laundry list of favorites – what tops your list of faves? Happy Friday, friends!



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2 responses to “Playing Favorites

  1. Lauren R.

    Love all your favorites!

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