All Around the Town

Although I’ve lived in Dallas for close to eight years now, I’d never made the journey up to Denton – the college town just 30 minutes from McKinney (and Tony’s former stomping grounds). Last weekend marked the annual Denton Art & Jazz Festival, and the hubby finally decided it was time to make a pilgrimage to his ex-home. Our friends Phil and Collin hopped in the car with us, and we headed out.

The festival was housed in a park close to the campus of Texas Women’s University, and was teeming with people. Rightly so – there was a ton to see and do! Several stages housed bands and local performers, including a jazz stage that the University of North Texas’ lab bands occupied. Food booths surrounded the main stage – everything from fried Oreos and Twinkies to Chinese food and Greek delicacies. The area was also peppered with tons of booths hosted by art vendors. One of my favorite booths had wine stoppers that featured antique doorknobs and faucet knobs, like these from Such cute hostess gifts – although, admittedly, I just wanted one for myself!

Phil picked up an insanely cool watch featuring a wood dial from Mistura. They also have a store in the Galleria, if you’re a Dallas local, and an e-comm website, if you’re not!

After lots of browsing, I came across two small items I couldn’t live without – a pair of coasters showcasing awesome Austin graffiti.

We also checked out the nearby town square (beautiful!), stopped in to a local second-hand bookstore, chock full of cool tomes, peeked into an antique mall, where I snagged another milk glass vase, and stopped for a bite at the Mellow Mushroom, where the pizza was delicious and the air conditioning felt divine. They even had vegan options on the menu!

Friends, I must be frank. Were it not for Olivia and our jobs in Irving, Tony and I would move to Denton in a heartbeat. It was shockingly cute, full of interesting nooks and crannies, and had the heart and soul that I’ve often found missing in McKinney, Texas. Buuuut since packing up and relocating isn’t an option, I’ll settle for knowing how awesome Denton is and popping in as often as I can.

This weekend’s culture tour didn’t end there – on Sunday, we met up with a friend and fellow blogger (Abby, of the Peacock Pad), her hubby, and Tu, to check out the Hollywood Homes Tour in east Dallas. The tour covered five amazing homes, all built in the 20s and 30s. You can peep the outside of these gorgeous abodes below! Photos courtesy of the HSMNA website.

Although snapping photos in the homes was frowned upon, I did snag a few photos of my absolute favorites spaces.

This serene guest room in the Ortiz house really, really made me want to be an out-of-town friend!

And this master bedroom in the Seideman home was to die for. From the mirrored furniture to the rug and elaborate headboard, it was divine.

Another favorite from the Ortiz house was a beautiful, textural painting in an iridescent off-white. The homeowner kindly told us where she sourced the painting (Icicles, available at ZGallerie).  At $399, it’s a little out of my price range, but would make a fun DIY project.

I also snapped a photo of this gorgeous house on our walk back.

In addition to touring these homes, there was also more fun to be had at the nearby Lindsley Park. Apparently Dallas is on-board with the food truck craze (I, myself, was in love after being introduced to the concept on our last trip to Austin), and the park housed several food trucks vendors, including a cupcakery. Delicious, no?

Did you head to the great outdoors for any fun this weekend? What’s your take on the food truck craze?


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