Bye Bye, Builder Grade!

After spending the last five (!) years with a pair of light fixtures that was one brassiere short of family friendly, we finally kicked our builder-grade lights to the curb. Let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief that our lights are no longer pushing for an R-rating, shall we?

To refresh your memory, here’s what we were working with. Small children, avert your eyes.

We started by removing the old lights (courtesy of yours truly. I was impressed with my own electrical skills; when I tried to get the hubby to echo the sentiment, he simply raised an eyebrow at me. Sigh).

Before we started installing the new lights, we added one more upgrade: a pair of ceiling medallions, inspired by an amazing office makeover from Emily A. Clark.

In addition to giving the ceiling a little bit of added interest, this step also saved us the trouble of having to touch up the paint, since the bases of the new lights were quite a bit smaller than the old. I found these 16-inch medallions at Lowe’s.

At $19 each, they definitely weren’t cheap – especially considering they are plastic, cringe – but I love the effect.

With the medallions in place, we were clear to install the new lights, made easier by a pair of ladders so we could use four hands for wiring, holding, and all the other fun of electrical work. Unfortunately, what should have been a snap installation ran into a snag, which resulted in installing and uninstalling the new lights THREE TIMES. Yuck. Long story short, and free of electrical terms that I obviously don’t know, the support bar in the j-box apparently couldn’t be doubled up with the support bar in the new light. So we pared it down to just the support bar in the new light, and luckily avoided burning the house down. There’s almost nothing as fun as trying to figure out why the breaker keeps tripping every tip you hit a light switch!

Anyhoo, with the crisis averted and our pretty new lights in place, we were ready to admire the brightly-lit hallway. Chalk this puppy up to done! And pardon the crazy coloring in the pictures – photographing lights is definitely not my forte.

Have you tackled any light switcheroos in your pad? Any electrical mishaps, or are we the only ones tripping breakers like it’s a form of art?



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4 responses to “Bye Bye, Builder Grade!

  1. looks fabulous! I have to replace a hallway light and just love your idea of the using the medallion. Always enjoy your blog posts! =)

    • Thanks so much, Linda! We are loving the change, too, although we still have a few more boob lights hidden around the house – haha. I’d love to see pictures of your light update!

  2. CR

    I know this was a while ago but I bought the same light and was wondering how you removed the excess chain links? Do you have to cut the one link that connects with the wire? I appreciate the help.

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