Bringing The Outside In

When I shared my list of DIY projects I’m dying to get my paws on, I noticed that the base of my crape myrtle was looking a little bare compared to last year. So I hauled myself out of bed bright and early on Saturday morning and headed over to Calloway’s to snag a few sweet potato vines. Sinking them was quick and easy – the tough part is being patient while they fill in!

The sweet potato vines flourish in the sun, and by mid-summer, trimming them back is a weekly affair, as they are busy trying to sneak up the front door and into the garage. I adore the bright green foliage – it’s a welcome splash of color in our mostly-dark-green yard.

The other plant I brought home is a bird’s nest fern – the wavy looking fella in the picture.

Truth be told, this is my third try with a fern. I’ve murdered the last two, purely by accident (does that reduce the charges to plantslaughter? Oh puns, how I love thee), so I am hoping my luck has turned this time. Then I headed over to Walmart to grab a few more plain white pots for transplanting.

I love to line our big kitchen windows with lots of living adornments, but to keep things from feeling chaotic, I stick to white pots. After a little bit of digging around in the dirt, here’s what our window sill was looking like.

Lots of lush greens to purify our air and make the kitchen feel a little cozier! While I was rooting about in our front yard, our nice neighbor popped over with a handful of roses from her yard. So our house got some fresh, free blooms as well.

After putting the biggest bunch into my favorite fish-bowl vase, I was looking around the house for a place to put them. Naturally, that led to a mini-makeover. The piece of furniture in our entry hall is basically a dumping ground for papers, keys, and, well, crap. The only cute thing about the tableau that greets us when we walk in every day is that little puppy in the foreground!

After a clean sweep, I added our pretty pink roses and snagged a saucer for key-wrangling. Bye-bye, clutter!

We also tackled a bigger project this weekend – I’m still tweaking and snapping pics, so tune in on Thursday for the details!

Are you a plants-indoor kind of girl? Or a seasoned black-thumb, like yours truly?


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