5 Amazing DIY Projects

It’s funny how life seems to get away from you – in between all the day-to-day activities, somehow each week seems to hustle by. And if the pace of life is frenzied during the week, weekends are on turbo. Which explains why I have a lot of fun projects on my to-do list that haven’t quite made the transition from “dying to do it” to “stick a fork in it, this thing is done”. It probably doesn’t help much that one of my New Year’s resolutions – a mini-makeover for our living room – has turned into the world’s most prolonged project. In any case, here are a few of the projects that I am dying to tackle, if I can just get the universe to stop moving quite so fast – for a couple of days, anyway!

A wreath for the front door. You know, because an empty wreath hanger probably isn’t going to win me any Good Housekeeping awards. This sweet, mossy version from Homemade Ginger is SO lovely.

While we’re on the subject of the front door, how about a fresh, shiny coat of black paint? The boring brown just isn’t doing it for me. And of course, seeing this picture reminds me that I’d better plant some more potato vines this spring. Add that to the list…

How about something a little more like this? (Yes, I know it doesn’t hurt that the rest of the house is also a-mazing. Must use imagination!!)

Crisp Architects traditional entry

Image via Houzz

My own spin on this insanely cute bulletin board, from the uber-talented Emily A. Clark.

I adore the burlap, but I also think it would be fun to jazz up my cubicle – which is currently a sea of greyish beige – with a version in this fabric from Premier Prints (Cadence in Deep Blue).

Since the dog thinks he owns the joint, and demonstrates that by dragging our blankets off the sofa arm and into the floor, I’d love to build a ladder to store our blankets on – inspired by a Brit of Happiness (check out her family room reveal for one of the most awe-inspiring rooms I’ve seen in ages).

Can you believe I’ve been hoping to recreate these stamped tea towels from the amazing Centsational Girl since JANUARY? Yeah. But, with Mother’s Day right around the corner, it actually seems like the perfect time to get busy making these!

So, spill the beans: are you way more efficient than me, or is your to-do list giving Pinocchio’s nose a run for its money (kinda like mine)? The weathermen are calling for a rainy Sunday this weekend in DFW – which might just mean that productivity is in the forecast!


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