Just Admiring The Greenery

The front yard of our little Lottery House has been a work in progress for years now. But this year, something monumental happened. Instead of spending days tearing out half-dead bushes and plants that obviously weren’t intended for intense heat/shade/my black thumb, we spent just a few hours getting the garden ready for spring. Here’s what we started with…

The first step was trimming back all of the bushes, taking them from wild and overgrown to neat and tidy. The rosemary that had draped itself across the bench also got the boot, so the bench could actually be useful again. I even trimmed back my vine, so that our house number was visible again (important when you live in the burbs, and virtually every house looks identical). House numbers have been removed to protect the identity of future lottery winners.

Then it was time to vacuum up a winter’s worth of dead leaves and mulch. I used my favorite tool – our Sears electric leaf blower/vacuum. It’s definitely still a chore to clear all that debris (the over-the-shoulder bag that goes with this handy dandy machine literally drags on the ground when you’re 5 feet tall).

With the heavy lifting done, we headed off to the store to pick up the supplies we needed: 100 begonias (snagged from our local Calloway’s for just $13 per 50-count tray), 10 bright pink lily bulbs, and a pink azalea to add a little balance to the bed.

The bulbs were already sprouting, so they should be making a quick appearance this spring, in spite of being planted 6 inches deep.

After planting the begonias and the azalea, we covered our pretty new plantings with lots and lots of mulch, preparing them for what will hopefully be a less brutal-than-last Texas summer.

Have a seat, why don’t ya?

Some new begonias, paired with my favorite asparagus fern – a holdover from last spring, thanks to a milder-than-usual winter.

The hydrangea that I was convinced wouldn’t be back this year… still no blooms though, and that’s 3 years running!

Lily bulbs planted last year – growing like crazy! I’ll be sure to share pictures when they bloom. The blooms are short-lived but brilliantly beautiful.

Nothing left to do but stand back with a beer in hand and admire a little hard work, right? Well, and maybe hang a wreath on the empty-since-Christmas wreath hanger, but who’s making a list?


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