Calm, Collected & Serene

Earlier this week, one of my favorite bloggers (Mandi at Vintage Revivals – home of amazing makeovers, brought together by a magical combination of hard work, thrift store finds, and some serious ingenuity) asked a question: What do you want your home to feel like? So that’s where the title for this post comes from. Out of all of our fun (and not-so-fun) projects, adventures, and expenditures, what I’m hoping to create is a home that feels calm, collected, and serene – maybe because those words are pretty much the opposite of what would be used to describe me. While I love rooms that artfully employ every bright shade under the sun, that just isn’t for me. So, while 90% of our home is still a work-in-progress, there is one space that encompasses this feeling for me (at least according to this completely unbiased source) – our master bathroom.

Let’s take a closer look at our sanctuary’s journey from frenzied eyesore to my favorite spot. Here’s where we started…

We tackled lots of DIY projects in this space, including:

  • Painstakingly removing the wallpaper over several long months, a few minutes at a time. That was pretty while it lasted!
  • Prying the enormous mirror from the wall in many, many pieces (and not incurring a single wound in the process)
  • Painting the space, including one subtly striped wall
  • Giving a Bali Hai mirror a gleaming, white makeover
  • Swapping out the crusty chrome faucets for sleek nickel numbers
  • Installing new hinges and doorknobs – you know, because chipped brass isn’t really my scene
  • Upgrading to a matched pair of pretty mirrors, found on
  • Kicking our too-small towel bar to the curb in favor of a pair of hooks (one of the best upgrades EVER)
  • Replacing and painting all of the trim and doors. Super fun.
  • Sewing my FIRST pair of curtains, made from my favorite Robert Allen Khanjali fabric

We also called in the pros for a few jobs, namely:

  • Respraying the perpetually-stained shower pan
  • Retexturing the walls after the mutilation of wallpaper removal
  • Installing two light boxes for our lovely chandeliers
  • Crafting faux-feet for the vanity

We were able to save some serious cash on this project by keeping all of the main elements – from the vanity and countertops, to the tile, shower and tub.

Although this project took the better part of 9 months, in bits and pieces, and wasn’t completely fueled by DIY, it’s exactly what I envisioned for the space – and it’s how I’d love the rest of our little Lottery House to feel.

What feeling do you want your house to evoke? Are you there yet, or a work-in-progress?


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