Curtain Call

Over the weekend, we had some gloomy weather here in North Texas. Luckily, I had a sewing project to keep me busy. And when I say luckily, I mean mostly for Tony, ’cause our new hall lights arrived last weekend, and if it hadn’t been for my curtains, we’d have been eradicating boob lights from our entry.

Anyhoo, I had my bright & airy curtains from Ikea, which were perfect, except for one thing: tab tops.

Since I already had ring clips, and generally prefer the look of clipped panels, I figured I could do a little trimming to remove the tab tops. I decided to do the things the slow (read: right) way for once, so I actually pre-washed and pressed my panels. Good thing, because they shrunk close to 10 inches. Which suddenly meant that my brilliant plan of simply lopping off the top few inches of the panel to get rid of the tab tops was no longer possible, since I needed every inch to cover the windows. Enter Plan B: I simply opened the top seam around each tab top, pulled them out…

And then ran a simple stitch along the top edge of the curtain to close it back up.

Next up was hemming the bottom, since Ikea curtains are un-hemmed so you can adjust them to the exact length of your window. I just measured the length of my old panels (104 inches) and measured the same length on my new panels, pinning it to the right length. I pressed my seam, and then used my handy dandy sewing machine to create my hem. A handy and super ghetto trick I tried was creating my own hem gauge on the sewing machine. The built-in plate didn’t have a measurement for a 2-inch hem, so I put a piece of tape onto the sewing machine at the appropriate hem length, and colored the left edge red to give myself a visible guide line. Expert sewers would be horrified, but I gave myself a pat on the back for being scrappy.

After another quick pass with the iron, my curtains were rod-ready. Please disregard what appears to be a ghost sitting on my sofa. Maybe that’s what Steve is always barking at.

Compared to my formal-feeling blue panels…

The new panels feel so much airier.

I wish that they were a bit fuller, but I’m still wracking my brain for a solution there, short of adding another pair of panels. Other projects on the list include a piece of artwork for over the sofa (more details on Thursday!), plus pillows to add some texture and color, and a makeover for my little side table.

In other news, I think the dog likes the new ottoman…

What’s your favorite way to pass a rainy day? Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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