Builders Gone Wild

I’m firmly convinced that somewhere, in the Handbook for Home Building, there is a decree: “And let there be boob lights”. Naturally, our house boasts two of these curvaceous light fixtures in the front hall – which are somehow SO MUCH WORSE in a pair than flying solo. The front hallway looks rather… mammary, doesn’t it?

So, while I was patiently waiting (OK, the patient part is a lie) for fabric samples for the living room mini-makeover – which has now stretched into a marathon mini-makeover – I did some snooping on Lo and behold, I discovered a much prettier alternative to light fixtures that ought to wear a bra.

I’d been eyeballing a virtually identical light from Pottery Barn for months…

But the $299 price tag was too steep for me to stomach. So, when was rocking a lighting sale, I managed to snap up TWO of these lights for less than the cost of a single Pottery Barn fixture – with shipping.

Also, if Pottery Barn’s Clarissa Glass Chandelier makes you swoon (and the $399 price tag does the same), have no fear – carries its twin. Without that ginormous price tag. Their version is just $175.99.

Of course, now it’s time to patiently wait for my pretties to arrive (and to con the hubby into helping with installation, since my 5-foot stature won’t get me anywhere close to the ceiling, even on our tallest ladder). Then we can say sayonara to these poorly designed headlights.

Anyone else suffering from the plight of the boob light?



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4 responses to “Builders Gone Wild

  1. Lauren R.

    We don’t have boob lights–they’re more hexagon looking BUT I still hate them 🙂 Good to know there are some more affordable options out there.

    • Another great place to look is at Habitat for Humanity (if yall have those where you are). If you don’t need a matching pair, they have tons of fixtures that would look amazing with a little spray paint. 🙂

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