Epic Fail & A Quick Fix

My Pottery Barn-knockoff numbered baskets were super cute, if I say so myself. There was just one problem.

Yep. After my trusty hot glue gun failed me, I resorted to Super Glue, which was also an epic fail. And all that fun with Super Glue left the satin nickel finish of my digits way less than pristine (in other news, I can affirm that it IS possible to glue your fingers together).

So I headed back to Home Depot to get another pair of numbers. While I was there, I spied a bigger, more modern set…

Which I loved, plus, they were even closer to my inspiration photo.

Since glue hadn’t exactly done its job, I resorted to a way more basic method of attaching my numbers: fishing line. I just looped it around the number and tied a knot on the inside of the basket. Done and done.

If you’re up close and personal with the numbers, you can vaguely make out the fishing line, but I’m pretty sure that dogs and babies are the only ones who’ll be seeing eye to eye with my baskets.

During my unplanned week-long blog vacation, I also added another item to my collection of white ceramics: this lovely apple, snagged on a recent trip to Michael’s for just 4 bones.

Gotta love a quick fix and a super cheap, fab find! Any epic fails, quick fixes, or fab finds in your world?


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