Odds & Ends

Welcome to the smorgasboard of blog posts. A little bit of everything, all crammed into a single post. Hope you’ve had your morning coffee, cause I’m pretty sure this conglomeration is going to take all of your energy to follow!

An Ottoman Update
After eleventy-million coats of Minwax’s Antique Walnut stain, I was firmly convinced that our ottoman was never going to achieve the chocolatey shade I had my heart set on. So I headed off to Lowe’s and picked up a can of Dark Walnut. It turned out to be the perfect color.

There was just one problem: thanks to all those coats of Antique Walnut, my little ottoman wasn’t absorbing any of the color from my darker stain. After letting the Dark Walnut stain sit for close to 30 minutes, a thorough wiping left it pretty much the same color it started.

Which means there is one pesky word in my near future: sanding. Followed by re-staining. Boo.

Fun Fabrics
In spite of the fact that the ottoman’s frame made zero progress this weekend, I DID take a step in the right direction when it comes to the ottoman’s softer side. After wandering the aisles at Jo-Ann’s on numerous occasions and coming up empty, I turned to my uber-fashionable friend, Suz, for a recommendation on a more fashion-forward fabric store. She sent me to Fabric Factory, which was a-mazing. Bolts and bolts of fabric, incredibly chic patterns, and prices that didn’t send me into shock. Everything is organized by color, which makes it amazingly easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. After lots of hemming and hawing, I settled on a pretty blue ikat. We even scored a 20% discount, thanks to the hubby’s good nature. He found a $2o bill on the ground while we were wandering the aisles, and turned it in to one of the store employees. The clerk recognized him when we were checking out, and gave us a discount for Tony’s good deed. Way to go, honey! Naturally, when I got home, I couldn’t resist taking it for a test drive. I l.o.v.e the pattern it brings into the room and can’t wait to get busy upholstering!

Design Indecision

Although I’d love to rock a totally modern aesthetic, or piece together an amazingly eclectic look, I always find myself standing in the middle of a mostly-traditional space at the end of a project. Which explains why every project seems to go through serious mid-execution growing pains. Naturally, our living room mini-makeover has followed suit. The beige pillows I loved…

Headed back to the store this weekend. Pretty, but somehow not right.

And the coral chevron pillow I’d been so psyched about arrived, and left me feeling totally underwhelmed. Also pretty, but I’m not sure it works with the other textiles in the space.

You’re Only As Old As You Feel… And I Feel Old
After an insanely fun night out for my friend Marianne’s 30th, I have come to the conclusion that these old bones are no longer cut out for the following activities:

  • Taking shots of anything, but especially ones with names that include words like “flaming” or “bomb”
  • Being awake at 3 AM
  • Dancing on a moving bus, particularly in 3-inch heels
  • Getting kicked by people testing out the pole in the middle of a party bus
  • Racking in less than 3 hours of sleep in a night
In spite of the fact that I felt like I’d been hit by the aforementioned party bus the next day, I wouldn’t have missed a second of the evening for all the money in the world. Love you, M!

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