Time for a Little Heavy Lifting

With one corner of the living room looking vastly improved, the next task to tackle was the furniture. To jog your memory, here’s what we started with.

From the front door, the first view our guests were greeted with was the back of a sofa. And thanks to one super wild hound who (sometimes) answers to Steve, that sofa back was looking seriously scuffed. Plus the room seemed closed-off and unwelcoming, which definitely wasn’t the look I was going for. So, with the hubby bed-bound with the flu, I did a little huffing, puffing, and furniture rearranging.

Of course, before things get better, they always get worse, right? Yikes.

The two-seater sofa and the chaise lounge swapped places…

My red flowers got the boot…

In favor of some off-white hydrangeas.

The matchy-matchy side tables also took a hike. Although we’ve had a pair of side tables since we got married, the second table was unused 95% of the time. And in our house, unused items don’t stand a chance. I grabbed one of my favorite finds from Ross, a tile-topped table that I got for just $17 because the frame was bent (luckily for me, my little brother was able to straighten the frame out without any trouble).

And put it between the two sofas. The big one is Tony’s sofa, and the small one is mine, so having just one table in between the two works perfectly. I topped it with the glass lamp base from Target that I couldn’t resist – especially since it was $5 off. Still pricey at $35 without a shade, but I love it. The shade I threw on there is insanely undersized, and the lamp is still sporting the price tag, but you get the idea.

You can’t tell in the photo, but the tile-top on my little table has a big chip in one corner. Which can only mean one thing: this table has a makeover in its future. I’m thinking a gold or ORB finish on the metal, paired with a mirrored top for a luxe look.

Then I stood back and gave the room a once-over. The bulky back pillow on the chaise lounge was making the room feel cluttered and heavy, so I ditched it (after doing a sit-test to make sure the comfort wasn’t compromised).

Much better!

Next up was trying out some of my new textiles, including the two gorgeous pillows I picked up at Target, and the curtains I found at Ikea – just $30 for a pair of 118″ curtains. The curtains are too long and currently have a tab top, so my plan is to hem the bottom edge and then cut off the tab top-side so I can use my ring clips.

In real-life, the curtains have a super-fine, tonal, vertical stripe. Which means one of two things: I either do a bunch of sewing to re-orient the stripe in the curtains, or I re-think my horizontally-striped curtain scheme. I’m leaning towards the latter, because it would give me a chance to use another curtain treatment I love – something like this…

Image via Houzz

Although I’d love to use a Greek key ribbon for my embellishment, at $10 a yard (x 14 yards to run down both sides of each curtain panel), it isn’t in the budget. But it might be the perfect touch for a pillow!

So, when it comes to trimming the curtains, a more budget-friendly, solid-colored ribbon will likely be the answer.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to make some more progress on the room this weekend – this room makeover has been moving seriously fast compared to our standard pace, so hopefully we’ll keep chugging along in the right direction!

What do you have planned for the weekend?



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3 responses to “Time for a Little Heavy Lifting

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  2. Jenn

    I can’t believe the difference removing that pillow on the chaise made! It looks like a totally different space. And I love your post about the bookshelf… seriously much more aesthetically pleasing! I ❤ your blog!

    • I’d never even thought twice about that pillow before, and I totally agree! Of course, now it’s just shoved into a corner of the living room, waiting for me to hide it away in the attic someday. 🙂

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