A Long-Overdue Design Plan

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to make our house feel more like “us”. Although I threatened to start with the living room, we’re now closing in on the end of January and I have made zero progress. Woops! Chalk it up to indecision and a few weekends of travel, paired with a lack of inspiration. A few major elements always seem to hold me back from executing a design plan in this room.

  1. My lack of love for brown leather sofas (of which we have two)
  2. The idea that someday we’ll upgrade from our nicely stained beige carpet to some unstained carpet, or maybe even some wood floors

But, since I haven’t actually won the lottery yet (to be fair, I still haven’t been playing), the plan for updated flooring is still in the daydream stages, and it seems silly to wait any longer to make our most-frequently-used-room into a homier space. Plus, when I was making yet another trip to Target last week, I spied some pillows in a pattern similar to this one (naturally, MY pillows can’t be found online. You’ll have to wait until I score the real deal). Neutral, but with a fun pattern.

I thought to myself, these would be adorable with some striped curtains – something like this amazing pair of DIY curtains from The Yellow Cape Cod, just re-imagined for a more neutral palette – I’m thinking ivory and tan.

Casual, but still put together, and WAY more cozy than the stiff, corporate-apartment feel we’ve got going right now. Of course, a room that’s all neutrals from head to toe is a bore, right? Right. So this super-cute pillow from Etsy seller Tootledoo Designs seemed like the perfect complement to a more neutral color scheme.

I love me a monogram. And, it just so happens that my obsessive eye detected that this fabric was from Premier Prints (my favorite source for affordable, modern fabric). So I headed over to their website and checked to see what else they had in the coral colorway. And fell into a dead swoon when I realized my favorite pattern (Gotcha – that’s the name of the fabric, not a joke at your expense, FYI) came in the right color. She’ll make a pretty throw-pillow companion, don’t you think?

That takes care of the softer elements in the room. Also on the list of switcheroos is updated artwork for over the sofa. I love the ikat pattern in this Dwell Studios pillow, and thought I might try my hand at painting a similar pattern onto a large canvas for over the sofa. Color-wise, I’m planning to wait for my precious chevron pillow to arrive so I can pull the perfect coral shade out, to go with a calm ivory, and one other punch of color that I’m undecided on.

I’ll flank the main artwork with two smaller pieces – those guys are still TBD. The couches will also get a little action – the loveseat will move across the room, in front of the curtains, and the chaise lounge will take its place to open up the room.

No one likes staring at the back of a sofa – especially not one covered in claw marks from one wild hound. Yup, we’re talking about you, Steve!

If the budget for this mini-makover will tolerate it, we’ll also swap out the Walmart BHG lamps for something a little more substantial. I adore these Target glass lamp bases, although they look totally underwhelming in the photo online (waaay cuter in the store). A bold, solid-colored lampshade would be a fun touch.

And that, my friends, is a design plan for our oft-ignored and unloved living room. Now I’ll just have to rachet back my excitement until my pillow is delivered! Waiting… patiently…

P.S. As I went back through this post looking for typos, it occurred to me that I really hope y’all actually read words in this blog, because if you’re going on images alone, this room looks like one hot mess!



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2 responses to “A Long-Overdue Design Plan

  1. This post is so colorful and design inspiring! I love those curtains. Your design plan shows that mixing bold patterns can be easily achieved without sacrificing style. Love!!!
    Ps we total have that chevron pillow!

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