Dream Houses: Houston Edition

Every time I go for a run in my parents’ neighborhood in Houston, I drool over the same handful of gorgeous houses. So, on our last sojourn to Houston, I finally brought the camera with me to snap some photos of my favorite homes – all insanely out of my price range, and firmly entrenched in my heart.

As far as curb-appeal goes, this front entry-way is totally swoon worthy. Leaded glass is pretty much my favorite thing ever, and I love the shiny, black door with its glass panels. Throw in a matching pair of topiaries, and call that deal done. I’ll spring for the extra lightbulb so this place can rock uniform lighting. Incidentally, as I was out front snapping photos of this house, I happened to spy the homeowner cruising past the front door. I felt uber-creepy, so I took off running. Which probably had the homeowner making a beeline for the phone to let the police know about the crazy stalker with the camera. Woops.

While we’re on the subject of front doors, here’s one of my favorites. Although the house doesn’t knock my socks off from a distance…

The black-and-white front door and all that leaded glass leave me breathless. Our front door isn’t blessed with any glass panels, but I’m still jonesing to give it a sharp paint job like this one.

One last front door to daydream about – this one sports some seriously beautiful molding. The white-washed brick doesn’t hurt this little house’s appeal either. This charmer is actually a pool house, if you can believe it.

In case you were wondering what the main house looks like, here she is. Totally regal.

This house is totally unique – the stacked brick facade makes it stand out from its neighbors, but it still fits perfectly into the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, not every beautiful house fits into the puzzle quite as well. This house is drool-worthy…

Until you stand back and take in the whole view.

It totally dwarfs its neighbors, and the more-modern design sticks out like a sore thumb. Plus, for someone like myself who is a big believer in improving the old, instead of heading straight for the bulldozer, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Let’s finish our neighborhood tour on a high note – the canopy over the front door of this big beauty is what really makes it stunning – no need to wait out in the rain here!

Nice scenery sure helps whittle away those miles, don’t you think? Do you have your dream home scoped out already?


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