Road Trippin’

This weekend, we cleared out of the Lottery House and headed down to Houston for a little belated Christmas celebration – and to deliver Brother’s Union Jack art. It was a complete surprise for him, and I think it’s safe to say he liked it. We even scoped out the perfect spot for hanging Union Jack – above Brother’s brand-spankin’ new couch. That’s right, Brother went and proved me wrong by upgrading from his old, plaid hand-me-down to a sleek, European-style sofa. And, luckily for me, I got to tag along with him to pick it out. Here it is, in its full, modern glory (pardon the iPhone pictures).

Every seat in the house reclines to an almost-horizontal position, so in addition to being right in my brother’s uber-modern, Euro-wheelhouse, it’s also extra comfy. Originally, Brother had his eye on this couch, which was more than twice as expensive and waaaay less good-lookin’.

When it comes to my own aesthetic, this couch totally had my name on it. White leather plus a super-streamlined shape = love. The price tag was close to $4K, so it stayed in the store (and my daydreams).

Then there was the pony chair. Other than the fact that it was made from real pony hide (insert sad face), it was fabulous. As much as I loved how it looked, I really, REALLY couldn’t get behind a pony-hair chair. If there’s a faux version out there, count me in.

How about this gorgeous chandelier for lighting up the dining room? Yeah, it took all of my self-restraint not to bring this looker home with me.

Why not hang it over this mid-century dining room set? The hubby and I don’t often agree with it comes to furniture design, but these pieces had us both at hello. The table would also rock solo – I’d pair it with cream leather chairs, or upholstered chairs in a punchy, geometric pattern.

And, last but not least, the diamond mirror. In spite of the $700 price tag, I literally spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how we could get it home to Dallas once I bought it. Luckily for the old pocketbook, I never came up with a solution. So she stayed behind. But, dang: gorgeous, right?

Brother’s new couch will land on his doorstep on Wednesday – I made him promise to take some before and after pictures (and hopefully a shot or two with Union Jack making a cameo, too), so hopefully I’ll have some snapshots to share soon!

I’ve got more H-town eye candy to share on Thursday – so don’t forget to stop by! Happy Tuesday, friends.


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