Resolutions for a New Year

Happy New Year, friends!

And thanks to Shutterstock for the adorable, festive image!

Hope your NYE was exactly what you wanted – whether you were out on the town or sticking close to home. With a few minutes to spare on New Year’s Eve, the hubby and I sat down to write some resolutions for 2012. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Exercise 4 days a week. The American Heart Association demands 5 days a week, but realistically, I spent most of 2011 around 3 days a week, even with half marathon training factored in. Woops. Time to rachet it up!

2. Learn to say no… without feeling guilty. As in, “Nope, I don’t want to watch Conan the Barbarian,” and “No, we don’t want that pink piece of furniture.” And then minus all the “after-the-no” anxiety and feeling bad.

3. Watch less TV so I can get more done. TV has become my go-to for unwinding in the evenings, and I have to say, after a night in front of the tube, I feel less than accomplished. If I could devote the same time to knocking out mini-projects, or bite-sized bits of giant projects, I’d have something to show for my time.

4. Make the living room feel like us.

Right now, it feels like a big, bland space that’s completely devoid of personality and warmth. Yuck. The first thing on my list is a DIY painting for over the sofa, to replace the impersonal tree photo. And I’m thinking a little furniture rearrangement could go a long way towards making the space feel more welcoming.

5. Blog twice a week, without letting it make me crazy. I spent more than my fair share of evenings this fall blogging until way past my bedtime, so I need to make sure that I’m balancing my desire to create great projects and snappy content with my need to relax after work and on the weekends.

And, since I’m making these resolutions insanely public, I’ll have a pretty big incentive to actually make ’em happen. With a full day of 2012 under my belt, I can happily say I’ve fit in a workout, put in a few hours on some must-do projects, and kept my distance from the boob tube – plus I even sat down to share my resolutions with you! Just 364 days to go, right?

Did you write resolutions for the coming year, or do you steer clear of New Year’s resolutions? What made the list?



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5 responses to “Resolutions for a New Year

  1. def looking forward to your blogging twice a week……..big fan here! keep up the great and inspirational work!

  2. Thanks, Linda! I’ve got a fun project in the works this weekend, so hoping to share that next week! Happy Friday. 🙂

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