Easy Pottery Barn Noel Sign Knockoff

When the Pottery Barn winter catalog arrived, I was a corner-folding fool. The first project I tackled was my Twig Reindeer.

Next on the list was creating my own version of the giant Noel wall art (you know, instead of coughing up $149 for the real deal).

I pleaded with the hubby to cut the letters out of plywood, but he turned me down flat, insisting that he and his jigsaw had no chance of replicating Pottery Barn’s perfectly formed letters. So it was on to Plan B: pre-cut letters. Unfortunately for me, all of my go-to crafting destinations were fresh out of enormous letters. A quick Google search turned up a manufacturer (MPI Wood) that had exactly what I needed: 11.5-inch tall MDF letters, in a traditional, serif font. The best part? Each letter was just $4.99, so re-creating the Pottery Barn masterpiece wasn’t going to bankrupt me.

After I previewed the Noel formation, did a little giddy celebration, and patiently waited for my glue gun to heat up to fingerprint-eliminating temperatures, it was time to join my letters together.

I scrounged up some wooden circles that were leftover from another project, but Popsicle sticks would also be perfect. Then I just glued a circle or two to each of the seams for a strong & invisible-from-the-front bond. The bottom of the “O” had a super-narrow seam, so I opted for matches with the heads cut off instead, after a search for toothpicks left me empty-handed. I’m pretty much a blogging MacGyver.

Here’s the full frontal. Yup, this blog is wild.

The last step was spray painting my masterpiece. Rustoleoum’s Hammered Dark Bronze gave my letters a little texture and shine. I mounted the sign onto a rustic-frame mirror in the dining room (using my favorite super-sticky Gorilla tape), and I have to admit, I love the juxtaposition of the precise letters and the rough-hewn frame. Plus, this way Noel gets a front-and-center spot for Christmas dinner this weekend. The assortment of junk on the table in this first shot is a figment of your imagination – in case you’re wondering.

Final tally for this project: $25.40, including my 4 letters and one bottle of spray paint. That’s a savings of $123.60, for anyone who’s counting.

I love the end result, with just one tiny misgiving: the color reads a bit flat to me, so adding a faux finish for dimension will be on my to-do list for Christmas 2012. Is it too early to start my list for next year?



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2 responses to “Easy Pottery Barn Noel Sign Knockoff

  1. Awesome job! I love your DIY answer to PB prices 🙂 Merry Christmas

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