Exciting News at The Lottery House!

In addition to cooking up a few DIY projects around The Lottery House, I’ve also been busy cooking up a different kind of project: namely, my next job – hooray! After several interviews, I was invited to join the e-commerce team at Zale Corporation – to which I responded with a resounding, “Yes!”. I’m nothing short of thrilled to be starting my new job, which will begin just after the holidays.

Naturally, while I was in the interview process, I did lots of research about the company, part of which involved snooping around the Zales website, drooling over lots of shiny, lovely trinkets. So I thought I would devote today’s post to some of the eye candy I stumbled across, all in the name of interview research.

I’d be happy to lend my ring finger to pretty much anything in the Vera Wang line of bridal jewelry, but this 2 ct. sparkler (that’s one lovely carat in the center) totally makes me swoon.

This earring & necklace set screams “Old Hollywood” to me. Now I just need to find the a black tie event to attend so I can justify buying it…

Gold, green, and diamonds. What else could I want in a ring? Gimmee.

This key pendant + a super long chain would be an amazing everyday necklace.

Diamond hoops to jazz up a ponytail for work, or a night out. How Jenny from the Block of me!

Enormous black men’s Citizen watch. Yes.

Extra-long string of black pearls, perfect for a double-loop around your neck. Preppy and a little punk with the right outfit.

So, the moral of the story is obviously that my new job is going to completely bankrupt me. But dang, I’m gonna look shiny while I’m emptying our bank account! 



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6 responses to “Exciting News at The Lottery House!

  1. Lauren R.

    CONGRATS! I knew it wouldn’t take long AND I hope you get some kind of employee discount 🙂

  2. Congrats! What a fun and ‘dangerous’ place to work.

  3. Kristi

    Ha! You referenced old school Jennifer Lopez. That’s why I love you (one of the reasons). Congratulations! I know you’ll have loads of fun!

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