Fall Wrap-Up

Although Tony and I weren’t hosting a Thanksgiving dinner at our house, our dining room table was still jonesing for a little turkey-day love. I started with a clean slate, relocating my DIY gold acorns and pumpkin-filled hurricane to a location that will remain secret for at least another 200 words.

While I loved the super-saturated look the table had rocked since pre-Halloween, I changed directions and decided on a neutral tablescape. In my penny-saving world, neutral means reusable, and that’s always a good thing!

The first element of the foundation was this white ceramic tray, a find from the Crate and Barrel outlet a few years back (just over 3 years, if you want to be specific – we bought 5 of these bad boys to use at our wedding!).

Next up was adding some texture to the scene. I found some dried wheat-y looking things (that’s technical jargon, FYI) on a trip to Michaels and snagged ’em for under $3, thanks to a 40% off coupon. I put a Pottery Barn vase from high school to work to wrangle the wheaties. To get the wheaties looking their best, I started by trimming them to the right height for the vase. They were already secured by a neutral-colored twist tie, so I left that on, and twisted the base of the stems for a little added interest.

My DIY white pumpkins got a second chance to dance in this tablescape, along with some off-white candles and some whole nutmeg that I discovered when I cleaned out the pantry.

My tray was still looking a little sparse, so I headed for the great (and free!) outdoors to snag some scented décor – rosemary!

Next on the list was adding table linens. I started with my $3 table runners from Ikea and then sewed two slim, striped linen runners to layer on top.

These guys were super simple to create – after washing and ironing the fabric (to prevent post-sewing shrinkage), I cut out two straight panels that were the same length and half the width of each table runner, plus ½ inch seam allowance on all 4 sides. Then I just did a quick, straight stitch to hem the sides. Have I mentioned that striped fabric is pretty much my favorite thing ever? The lines make cutting and sewing completely idiot-proof, especially for someone that can’t cut a straight line to save a life (that would be me).

The final layer included all the basics – silverware, dishes, glasses, and my favorite orange napkins. This table, my friends, is holiday ready!

Wondering what became of my gold-painted acorns? They found a new home on our kitchen table, along with my pumpkin-filled hurricane, a gorgeous fig leaf snipped from the yard, and some pretty purple blooms from the Under $4 section at the grocery store.

For the record, at the time of this photo, my fig leaf was officially 3 weeks old, and looked as spry as the day I clipped it.

Did you deck your table out for the holidays, or stick with the simple & elegant approach?


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