Giving Thanks

Happy thanksgiving, friends! In the spirit of the holiday, I thought I’d share some of things that our little family is thankful for.

According to our recently-completed Thanksgiving garland, a few of the the things we’re thankful for are:

  • The kindness of others
  • The enduring love of our family members
  • Our amazing friends and parents
  • That crazy puppy,  Steve
  • Being healthy
  • Warm feet on a cold day
  • Tony’s great job and awesome co-workers
  • Inspiration

The “warm feet” leaf was mine, and while it sounds ridiculous, my ultimate nirvana is being tucked away in bed (or on the sofa – I’m not picky!) with toasty feet. Which brings me to one of my favorite Christmas gifts from years past: these snuggly warm foot duvets from Restoration Hardware.

These little fellas are on sale for just $19 right now, which must make them the cheapest thing Restoration Hardware has ever carried, and they’re worth every penny. If you’ve got someone on your Christmas list that is a tough customer, these are a great bet!

I was also responsible for the “inspiration” leaf. I’ve been a runner for 7 years now, and while that’s not exactly a lifetime in the world of running, lately the sport has left me feeling less than inspired. I happened to leaf through the most recent issue of Runner’s World, which featured readers from across the country. When I came across Ben’s story, I was intrigued. So naturally, I had to fire up the computer and watch Ben’s video on YouTube. Four minutes later, I was wiping tears from my eyes and remembering why I loved running in the first place – because of its power to change who you are. Whether you’re a runner or not, this video is a must-watch.

I hope that this Thanksgiving finds you with friends and family, enjoying the holiday and remembering to say “thanks” for all of the wonders in life.



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2 responses to “Giving Thanks

  1. Oh . I love these furry, fluffy foot duvets! Are they as comfy as they look??

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