It’s Beginning to Look a Bit Like Christmas…

Not at our house, of course. The Lottery House is still looking a whole lot like Halloween, which is alarming considering we’re now 11 days and counting after my favorite spooky holiday. I’ve got big plans to remedy that over the weekend with my first Penny Project. But I digress!

When my old friend, Michelle, hit me up on FB with this charming message, I knew I was in for any crafting project she had up her sleeve.

Wine + catching up with an old friend + a much needed dose of some holiday cheer = right up my alley. Plus, since she was bankrolling this creative exercise, that meant I didn’t have to worry about how to make it happen in 500 pennies or less.

So, after reading up on the tutorial from Southern Fried Gal, we headed over to Garden Ridge to grab the materials for our own version:

  • Pre-lit garland
  • A roll of 3-inch wide, sheer, wired ribbon
  • 15 large Christmas ornaments
  • Green pipe cleaners (twist ties will also work, as we discovered)
  • Screw-in hook eyes

Sidenote: When did Garden Ridge turn into the retail version of a garage sale? I strolled past rows of scrubs, an army of “As Seen on TV” products, more chairs than a banquet hall, and a whole bunch of food items that looked… vintage. Ironically, the one thing they didn’t carry was pipe cleaners.

Forgive the lack of in-process pics – my addled brain completely forgot to bring the camera along. We started by screwing in 3 hook eyes along the top of the door frame. Then we attached our garland to the hooks using twist ties. We left the sides free, since they hung nicely along the sides of the door frame without any help from us. Then it was time to start adding ribbon. We used twist ties to secure the ribbon to the garland every 10 inches or so, being sure to leave the ribbon puffed out, instead of pulling it taut (you can peep the pouf in the picture below – that’s alliteration, my friends!). Next up was attaching our ornaments. We just threaded twist ties through the top of each ornament and then tied one or two ornaments to each of the areas we’d secured the ribbon.

We saved our 3 favorite ornaments for the center spot over the door.

The last step was putting our extra bendy faux-evergreen garland to work covering up any bright green twist ties. Then it was time to stand back and admire our handiwork, wine glasses in hand. An easy, festive project to get a head start on the holiday spirit! Insert gratuitous garland photos here:

The last photo is definitely my favorite. How uber-creepy is the teeny tiny image of me in the ornament? I’m a pint-sized paparazzo… or judging by the super-sneaky all black outfit, maybe even a cat burglar.

If you’re stocking up to create your own garland, here are my tips for saving a few dollars:

  1. Hit Garden Ridge during their post-Thanksgiving sale. Pretty much every Christmas item in the store goes on crazy sale.
  2. Grab your garland at Michael’s instead, and put one of my favorite 40% off coupons to work (thanks, Erika!).
  3. Go for the non-lighted version of the garland. It was about half the cost.
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