Get Your Carve On! Last-Minute Pumpkin Carving Ideas

With Halloween less than a week away, we’re finally in the safe zone when it comes to pumpkin carving. In past years, we always got a little overexcited about the carving and indulged weeks before Halloween, only to end up with majorly moldy masterpieces by the time the holiday actually rolled around. As you know, we patiently waited until this last weekend to start the annual carving festival.

In case you’re looking for a few last-minute pumpkin ideas for this Halloween, here are a few of my favorites.

These pumpkins, hand-sketched with the aid of a Sharpie and then filled in with basic black acrylic paint, hail from my favorite blog, Young House Love.

The amazing bloggers over at YHL also created these pumpkins using puff paint (4th grade flashback, anyone?) and some spray paint.

How about a chalkboard-painted pumpkin, a la Real Simple? Love that you can change the design anytime it strikes your fancy!

This example uses Washi tape (which you can buy from for about $5 each), but even Michael’s carries brightly colored masking tape for a little sticky pumpkin fun. From Real Simple.

If you’re jumped on the upholstered headboard craze like we did, odds are you have some leftover upholstery nails hanging around. Why not put them to work adorning a pumpkin? From Better Homes and Gardens.

The best part is that all the designs above involve zero carving – which means no hand cramps, no icky pumpkin gut removal, and no mold (at least for a few weeks)! But, if you’re looking for something that involves more slicing and dicing, here are a few more ideas.

Zombies are the new vampires, and Martha will show you how to make your very own (much cuter than the versions in The Walking Dead, might I add).

This poor guy has clearly seen better days. It’s up to you to nurse him back to health! From this website.

Owls are pretty much my favorite animal. Put this template to work to create your own owl-head pumpkin!

For more advancer carvers (no, I don’t count myself among that population), Better Homes and Gardens has free templates for 26 different dog breeds, so you can turn your furry friend into a friendly Halloween pumpkin!

As we discovered this year, pumpkin carving tools are a must. We always relied on kitchen basics like steak knives, which aren’t so hot for the safety of your fingers. Plus they make it uber-hard to cut out complicated little corners. You can buy a basic kit with some templates for under $10 at just about any grocery store, or opt for the carving tool only if you plan to wing it on the design.

Have you already crafted your Halloween pumpkin? Show off your handiwork by sharing a link in the Comments section!


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