Baby Steps

Ever since we moved into the house and our kitchen looked a little like this, we’ve been itching for a major, top-to-bottom change.

Are you impressed with this really awesome picture of our old woman wallpaper? Yeah, me too. It was the only one I had, so I owe an apology to our caught-off-guard friends! Anyhoo, in spite of the desperate need for a total overhaul, kitchens tend to be an expensive undertaking, so we’ve been stalling on making any big changes.

As you can see from the house tour, the one major change we have made is removing the beautiful wallpaper from the walls. We knocked this project out several years ago, long before we had any DIY sense. Apparently, the wallpaper had been installed directly over the drywall, without any kind of primer – meaning that it came off in teeny, tiny pieces and often took chunks of drywall along for the ride. Our inexpensive, we’re-getting-married-in-a-few-months DIY solution was to add some skip trowel texture to hide the drywall’s imperfections. We finished our kitchen makeover with a coat of butter yellow paint (after two mis-steps in paint color, one of which we referred to as “skin color” and the other “doo-doo brown”). The butter yellow reads soft and warm during the day, like in the photo below.

Unfortunately, that butter yellow turns into a shade that closely resembles highlighter by night, and up close and personal, the texture looks less than professional.

So, in spite of all the hard work we put into our kitchen walls, I am still not feeling the love.

In addition to calling in the professionals for a texture re-do on the walls, we’ve got a few other projects to tackle when it comes to revamping the kitchen:

  1. Update the lighting
  2. Paint the kitchen cabinets
  3. Upgrade the counters and sink
  4. Replace the backsplash
  5. Install new appliances
  6. Replace the floors

Just a couple things, right? Luckily for the old pocketbook, lots of these elements can be broken down into bite-sized chunks that don’t have to be knocked out all at once. So, we’re starting off with one baby step in the right direction. We’ve asked a contractor (for locals, you can catch Arn Reno at 972.801.4964 or by email at arreno (at) verizon (dot) net) to help us put this giant box-style fluorescent light fixture out to pasture and replace it with some recessed lighting.

In case you’re wondering, our ceiling is not covered in weird spots. My camera lens apparently is, though. Woops!

We’re meeting with Arn this weekend to do some game planning, and then he’ll be back the following weekend for the installation. Between now and then, we’ll need to finalize our lighting plan and score supplies for the project.

It’s been close to a year since we finished our last major project (Olivia’s “big girl” bedroom), so I’m ready for the challenge. Or so I think, until we’re down to concrete floors and eating Subway 5 nights a week!

Have you gotten the ball rolling on any big projects lately?


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